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Meet Lyndsay in Calgary

My photography style tends to be laid-back and casual. I like shooting documentary or candid, so for the most part I give my clients just a little bit of direction so that I can capture real and natural emotion between loved ones. I mostly shoot natural light lifestyle sessions, outdoor weddings, and non-studio newborn, but my favourite thing to shoot is birth photography.

Three Things

  1. I grew up in small-town Alberta and am the oldest out of three daughters, and I still find myself going home to visit family and friends once a week.
  2. One thing I cannot live without is my family and my dog.
  3. I have an odd sixth sense for finding amazing vintage pieces while thrift shopping.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Calgary

Inglewood, because it is the oldest part of the city with so much character and history.

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More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Lyndsay

"Lyndsay was absolutely amazing! Easy to work with and fun to be around!" - Taylor

"Lyndsay did such a great job capturing our first vacation as a family. She was so patient with our little one and so fun!" - Amy

"Our photographer, Lyndsay, not only chose 2 absolutely beautiful locations, but made my mom, sister and I laugh and feel comfortable for the whole shoot. Our pictures are stunning and perfectly capture our girls' trip vibe in Western Canada." - Jen

"Lyndsay is the best. She was incredibly attentive up until the shoot when it came to advising me on the weather and road conditions as I'm unfamiliar with the area, and did a perfect job setting up and not giving anything away up until the right moment. That's not to mention the photos being better than we could have hoped." - Kelly

"Lyndsay was amazing with our family! Our son warmed up to her lovely personality and she had great ideas for capturing what we wanted in our family vacation shoot!" - Lynette

"Lyndsey is amazing! She is lovely to work with. So attentive and responsive before and during the shoot. I'd recommend her over and over again!" - Alina

"We loved our photographer Lyndsay! My kids don't like taking pictures and Lyndsay somehow made them comfortable in front of a camera. She was so good with my kids! She was able to capture such great natural photos of my kids and interacted with them in a way that they never knew they were getting their pictures taken! She was amazing!" - Mary

"Bravo to Lyndsay! She is a professional in every angle, from her photography skills, positive personality, professionalism and communication skills. I felt friendship with her merely by texting prior to our photo shoot appointment. I was able to freely express my concerns and thoughts and sought her expert advice on the best time and place to capture a good photo." - GA

"Lyndsay was an absolutely phenomenal photographer that captures exactly what we wanted! She was so easy to meet and allow to be involved in such a crucial moment in our life!" - DF

"It was fantastic. Lyndsay was very friendly and really made us very comfortable during the photo shoot." - AP

"Lyndsay made us feel very comfortable and had lots of great ideas for pictures. One of our favorite parts of our vacation!" - Matt

"Lyndsay was amazing and made the whole experience so fun. It was like meeting a local friend, and she shared great insider tips on the area. The photos blew me away and I’ll treasure them forever." - Nicole

"Lyndsey is amazing! She is so friendly and put us at ease right away. She did such a great job capturing our vacation and my love for the mountains. She picked the perfect location for us! Our pictures are stunning, I can't pick my favourite! I would recommend Lyndsey over and over again!" - Allison

"Lyndsay did an awesome job documenting our first family vacation and our baby's first birthday! Not only is she super professional and guided us through the shoot but she was also such a sweetheart and so easy to work with! I absolutely loved Lyndsay." - Gihee

"Lyndsay made our shoot so fun and full of energy! She was able to capture beautiful photographs while putting myself and my husband at ease. She made the process easy and enjoyable." - Chelsea

"Lyndsay was just the sweetest. She made this first time photographed couple feel completely comfortable and the final product is just so amazing. We are beyond happy." - Sydney

"Lyndsay was amazing! Highly recommend her! She kept us laughing through the entire shoot, and I love every single shot! She also provided great recommendations for the remainder of our trip, which proved to be as great as she described." - Kay-Lynn

"Our surprise bachelorette photoshoot with Lyndsay was so much fun! We all felt very relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and had such a great time." - Tiffany

"Lyndsay was amazing - she made us feel totally comfortable and she did a phenomenal job." - Skyelar

" Lyndsay did an amazing job capturing my family and I while we were on vacation in Lake Louise. I cannot be more thrilled with the outcome of the pictures. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!" - Corinne

"Lyndsay was wonderful! She was so kind and warm; she handled a photoshoot with three kids under three with ease and we had a blast. Photos are wonderful to top it all off." - Karen

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