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Touted as the birthplace of paella, Spain's third-largest city isn't known only for its famous regional cuisine. Valencia also boasts an impressive architectural buffet, from the avant-garde City of Arts & Sciences to historical Moorish and Roman fortifications. The warm Mediterranean climate ensures pleasant days and nights to uncover all the treasures in this charming city that is always ready to kick up its heels.

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I capture genuine moments with natural light and create timeless portraits that define you. I specialize in family and couple portraits mainly and my inspiration are my wife and partner Rox and our 2,5 year old son. My style is natural and easy-going, and I love to get to know my clients and to incorporate beautiful and unique locations into their shoots.

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I'm an enthusiastic person, and you will find me always with the biggest smile. I love making people around me happy and having the greatest time possible, even while working! Fun and love drive my life. Light, colors and emotions are my field of expertise and my mission is that you can keep and cherish them forever. I love taking spontaneous portraits and capturing love in all their capacities: couples, families and pets but also, people falling in love with my beloved city.

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I can't believe I have been a photographer for almost 20 years. I have contributed to create many people and companies memories and communication tools. Photography allows me to create sweet memories for other people while having a good time anywhere sunny and nice. When I take photos, I love natural light and playing with light and shadows, colors and emotions. I love including the scenery in my pictures. I also try to catch different concepts from my favorite photographers. Photography is all about intention.

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