Bienvenue à Strasbourg!

Step into the pages of an fairy tale as you make your way through twisting alleyways and across quaint canals of the colourful historic centre, and be sure to say bonjour to a French chocolatier on your way! As the official seat of the European Parliament, Strasbourg effortlessly blends its medieval roots with its progressive future. You'll find a quirky blend of French and German cultures in its architecture, food and art in this border town, and should you arrive during Christmastime, the twinkling Christmas markets will enchant you.

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Kari and Caleb's Portfolio
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Kari and Caleb

We love to introduce other travellers to our beautiful city while hanging out and taking photos. We adore real emotion about all else. There is nothing more important to us when we take photos than helping people remember how they felt while they were travelling (not just where they went or what they saw). We want people to look back at their photos and remember the awe they felt the first time they stumbled upon a hidden courtyard or an echoing cathedral!

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Maxime's Portfolio
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Maxime's Portfolio - Image 3
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 4
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 5
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 6
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 7
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 8
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 9
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 10
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 11
Maxime's Portfolio - Image 12

I love natural pictures, not posed, that are connected to people, and that show their true relationship. In fact, I simply love to document life! I have been fortunate enough to have received 3 awards from the Fearless Association for my wedding pictures.

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Strasbourg Points of Interest

  • Historic Strasbourg
  • Waterside Walk
  • Hidden Gems
  • The Heart of Strasbourg

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