How to Propose in Seville

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  • Choose a special location to pop the question in Seville
  • Practice getting down on one knee beforehand
  • Think about what you will say
  • Make reservations so you have a reason to dress up
  • Hire a proposal photographer to plan and capture the moment

Since 2013, Flytographer has captured thousands of surprise proposal photos all around the globe. Explore romantic proposal ideas and tips from real couples, including their top proposal ideas and tips, and the best ways and the best places to propose in Seville. Explore our customers’ heartwarming Seville proposal stories below.

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Alexander's Proposal Story in Seville

What is your love story?

We met via an online dating app 4.5 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Ashley was interning for the summer in my hometown and I was getting ready to move to Boston to start my PhD. Our first date involved pizza and hours of conversation. With only a few weeks left in the same city, we made the most of every moment getting to know each other before we went our separate ways. After a few weeks apart, we decided to go the distance, literally and figuratively and make our relationship work. We spent 2.5 years living anywhere from 300 to 3000 miles apart, strengthening our relationship and love for each other.

What made you choose this proposal destination?

6 months into our relationship, Ashley went to Sevilla to study abroad. It’s a place that holds a lot of meaning for her and when we booked a trip there, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to propose to her in a place that means so much to her, and now me!

What is your proposal story?

I had to improvise a bit because we were supposed to propose at the beginning of the shoot at a particular location but there were tons of people in our location. The photographer helped out a lot and ventured to other locations first before finally capturing the moment. I gave a short monologue on a beautiful bridge in the Plaza de España and her reaction was perfect. She got so emotional and the pictures captured everything perfectly. It’s a moment I will never forget and get to relive with the pictures forever.

Proposed in Seville in October

Photo Shoot Location: Plaza de España

Gabriel in Seville for Flytographer

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