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Welcome to Durango!

Hidden in the Rocky Mountains, the Old West truly comes to life, so grab your cowboy boots! Funky bars and Victorian-era saloons line the picturesque streets, and just outside the city lies stunning national parks and wildlife. Take a ride on the iconic steam train through the mountains or visit Mesa Verde National Park to wander among historic Puebloan cliff dwellings.

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I am an adventure-loving, travel-obsessed photographer that, luckily, gets to combine all of these passions into one. I love that you can't put people in "boxes"... I'm an entrepreneur, wife, sister, friend, adrenaline-junkie, musician, traveler, photographer, and so many other things. There are so many sides we each have to share with the world and I love getting to explore the facets of others as well. My photography style is very candid, light, airy, and natural. I love freezing a moment in time, holding on to that emotion, and being able to transport yourself right back to that feeling anytime you look at the photo. I prefer to capture the memory and emotion of the adventure rather than a "posed" portrait.

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Historic Downtown Durango

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Cascade Mountains

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