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Urban, dynamic, and full of life, Calgary is a jewel in the prairie landscape. A city with firm roots in pioneer history, Calgary sees continuous growth of its population and its amenities. A true-blue experience would include a steak dinner, dancing at a country bar, and a hockey game at the Saddledome. Although there's a wealth of things to see and do right in the city centre, an hour's drive in either direction will take you to the mountains for skiing or to the desert for dinosaur bones and sandstone hoodoos.

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My photography style tends to be laid-back and casual. I like shooting documentary or candid, so for the most part I give my clients just a little bit of direction so that I can capture real and natural emotion between loved ones. I mostly shoot natural light lifestyle sessions, outdoor weddings, and non-studio newborn, but my favourite thing to shoot is birth photography.

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I am a professionally trained photojournalist who has made the hidden corners of Calgary my studio. No matter what season, this city has every backdrop imaginable. From the flowerbeds and rock paths in Riley Park, the Larch trees in Confederation Park, to the iconic city views from both Scotsman's Hill and Prince's Island Park, Calgary looks absolutely fabulous on everyone!

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I'm a Brit living in Canada that traded in the office life for the mountains. I'm passionate about travel, adventure and capturing it all on my camera! I like to shoot lifestyle and candid shots that show off the beautiful world we live in and that gives a sense of adventure. I love to work with couples and bring their love and emotions to life, especially when I get to do it in front of a beautiful backdrop.

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I'm constantly in awe of the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in my backyard and my favourite thing to do is to see these magnificent places through fresh eyes with each new session! I live for those in-between, authentic moments that truly tell your story. I'm all about the laid back; barefoot adventures, windswept moments and throw-your-head-back laughs. My style is a mixture of portraiture and photo journalism.

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Explore Iconic Spots in Calgary

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Scottsman's Hill; Mission; Eau Claire Market; Inglewood; Stephen Avenue; Kensington; The Ranche at Fish Creek Park; Calgary City Hall; Princess Island Park; or your own custom route.

Calgary Points of Interest

  • Scottsman's Hill
  • Mission
  • Eau Claire Market
  • Inglewood
  • Stephen Avenue
  • Kensington
  • The Ranche at Fish Creek Park
  • Calgary City Hall
  • Princess Island Park

Photography Destinations in Calgary

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Scotsman's Hill

30 minutes | 60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Stephen Avenue

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes

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St. Patrick's Island

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths