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The capital of Romania, Bucharest is a study in history and modernity. Once coined "Little Paris," the elegant architectural styles of past centuries are mixed right alongside more recent communist buildings, offering a visual feast of eras. The city is on the edge of European cool, with elegant coffeehouses, trendy galleries and chic shops within which to spend your days, and a spirited club scene to keep you busy all night long.

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I love love and I´m a hopeless romantic! Most days you can find me drinking a cup of coffee daydreaming about my next photo shoot. I’ve been a photographer for 5 years, and throughout this period I've had the chance and time to explore, feel and experience photography at its best. I've discovered that capturing people and love is what makes my heart tremble.

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I'm a travel and bicycle-touring addict and also a mountain lover and cat person. I'm fascinated about what makes every human unique and beautiful. I have been a photographer for almost 8 years. I love to turn special moments in time into memories for a lifetime. I capture emotions and beauty in a natural and unconstrained way; I believe that every human being is beautiful in its own way and I always love the feeling when I have the opportunity to show someone how beautiful they are through somebody else's eyes.

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I'm a very artistic person. When I was young I attended music school for 8 years; later I joined a rock band and many years later, also starred in a play. I enjoy the company of fun and open-minded people as myself. My photographic style is very natural. When I shoot I let people be themselves! If necessary, I'm happy to help with a suggestion regarding body posture or crack a joke to lighten the mood of course.

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