“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”
— Eudora Welty

We captured hundreds of thousands of photos around the world in 2016. Here are some of our favourite moments from our tiny travellers.

1. Playing in the Fountain in Genoa
Flytographers Ramon and Sonia

2. Little Men in Paris
Flytographer Goncalo

“My husband and I love Paris – like, we LOVE Paris. We also love Christmas markets, so we planned a massive Christmas market/Paris road trip with our two boys. All of it was wonderful and even though it had been a few years since we had been to Paris last, it still had its magic. Before having children, I would imagine going back to Paris with our kids and letting them ride the carousel next to the Eiffel Tower. Watching them ride that carousel was like a dream. It was so special to watch their excitement and joy at seeing all of the sights for the first time in the city that my husband and I love so much.” – Katie

3. Tuxedo Toddlers in NYC
Flytographer Armando

4. A Budding Flytographer in Barcelona
Flytographer Orlando

5. Baby’s First Trip to Maui
Flytographer Wendy

“One of the best decisions on this trip was to get a photographer to capture our love. Thank you, Wendy from Maui and Flytographer, for these incredible snaps! We are totally FLOORED by our pics and can’t WAIT to use Flytographer again!” – Jillian Harris

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6. Picking the Perfect Produce in Pike Place Market
Flytographer Kelly

7. Sisters Exploring Paris
Flytographer Goncalo

“Paris is our favorite city in the world. Now we have the precious family photos that capture the joy we experience every time we visit.” – Nicole Feliciano, MomTrends

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8. Little Ones in London
Flytographer Mairead

“We decided to take a vacation to London because we found a great deal for flights and our daughter likes One Direction (a British band). Most people we spoke to advised us not to go during November because it would be too cold and rainy. Boy, were they wrong! The weather cooperated and we had a blast. Turns out, November is one of the best times to go: the weather isn’t too cold yet, all the holiday lights and festivities have started, and the lines are short. Our family had a wonderful time and I thank Flytographer for helping to capture our memories.” – Myrenda

9. Picking Flowers in Amsterdam
Flytographer Louise

“We have been to Amsterdam every year for the past three years. My father is from Holland, my parents got married in Haarlem, and I grew up visiting family there. When I got married, I was anxious to share this wonderful place with my husband, Sean. Once he fell in love with the city as well, we began to take our two small children. We hope our kids learn about the culture and language through these trips, gain lasting memories, and grow up loving it just as much as we do.” – Stacey

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10. Reaching New Heights in Istanbul
Flytographer Ufuk