Find out what the Top Four neighbourhoods in Venice have to offer!

The magic that permeates every street, canal and building in Venice is truly eternal, so it’s no secret why this city is one of the most visited in the entire world. It’s the place for getting lost, sampling every flavour of gelato, and discovering that little candlelit cafe you’ll still reminisce on years from now. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with planning the perfect honeymoon in Venice (especially after all of the details that went into your dream wedding!), we’ve rounded up some of our favourite spots in Venice’s neighborhoods to make planning easier than ordering a second glass of Italian wine.

San Marco

San Marco is the lively core of Venice, and there’s a reason every visitor passes through this neighborhood. As the home to iconic spots like Saint Mark’s Basilica, Palazzo Dandolo and La Fenice theatre, we’d recommend braving an early morning wandering these streets before the rest of the city wakes up. There’s truly no sight better than golden rays of sun glittering across an empty St. Mark’s Square. Coincidentally, it’s one of our favourite spots for a romantic honeymoon Flytographer shoot with one of our amazing local photographers! If you want to explore this neighborhood from a unique perspective, take a relaxing gondola ride to see the city with elbow room to spare!

San Polo

This is the place to treat your taste buds, as some of the best food in Venice is found in San Polo. Wander the stalls of the Venice Rialto Market to buy fresh seasonal produce for a picnic, and watch the lively locals banter with each other. Cantina do Mori is Venice’s original bacaro, and it’s the perfect cozy spot for a drink and munching on a large selection of cicchetti (small snacks and dishes). Cantina do Spade is one of the island’s original restaurants where Casanova himself used to dine, and whether you stop in for a spritz or stay for a traditional Venetian meal, it’s definitely worth the wait.


For the arts aficionado, this neighbourhood home to Accademia art gallery is a must-see. Many local designers and artists live here, and with a fraction of the crowds exploring these streets, you can shop and wander at your leisure. If you’re keen on experiencing Venice at night, this neighborhood also has a lively nightlife.


The city’s largest district lives to the east and neighbours St. Mark’s Square. Be sure to find Venice’s most picturesque bookstore, liberia Acqua alta, for the famous staircase of books leading up to a view of the canal and the gondola moored to the shop. (Insider tip: this is the place to go if you want a gondola photo without paying the price of a ride!) This neighbourhood also has plenty of park space for a lazy afternoon eating and drinking while you watch the Venetians go about their day.

While the words “overtourism” and Venice seem to go hand-in-hand, don’t let it stop you from experiencing the Venetian magic with your brand new husband or wife with a few tips on how to be a sustainable visitor. First, read about the city’s “detourist” campaign, which invites visitors to step into the locals’ shoes, get off the beaten path, and enjoy Venice is a way where it can continue to thrive. You can see their online magazine and official Instagram. Second, read up on the City of Venice’s #enjoyrespectvenezia campaign that outlines the 12 good rules for the responsible visitor. Finally, spend the majority of your honeymoon budget at local restaurants and shops to support the local economy. You’ll have a better experience, get to interact with true residents and likely save some money! Our favourite honeymoon activity is taking a cooking class, so you can relive the trip through your taste buds at any time. And our amazing local photographers can’t wait to meet you, share their favourite spots, and capture your dreamy honeymoon in this magical city.