Welcome to New York City!

Ever-changing and exciting, The Big Apple is a city that reinvents itself daily. The world watches New York to set the trends and offer up the most interesting venues to eat, see, shop and stay. Each of its boroughs brings a high-tempo flavour and diversity that are unmatched around the world. 

Whether your stay includes a relaxed afternoon strolling through Central Park, chilling out at the Williamsburg Waterfront or an energetic Times Square experience, New York will be a city you never forget. Hop the subway or hail a yellow taxi to explore the depths of its boroughs, each with a high-tempo flavour and diversity unmatched around the world.

Truly “the city that never sleeps,” the world watches New York to set the latest trends. Count on finding the latest and greatest in restaurants, shops, galleries, and hotels, alongside classic sights such as the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal or the Brooklyn Bridge. Be dazzled by the Broadway lights, sobered by the 9/11 Memorial, and delighted by Coney Island. With endless things to see and do, New York is an experience that cannot be missed!

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Header image by Johnny in New York City