Welcome to Lake Tahoe!

North America's largest Alpine lake is long on beauty, with glistening mountain ranges, swaths of verdant forest, and deep blue water. Bordered by California and Nevada, travellers come for the hiking, skiing, and windsurfing as well as the gambling in nearby Reno. Whether your pleasure is outdoor fun or more of the high-rolling kind, Lake Tahoe will keep you coming back for more.

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Heavenly Village; Camp Richardson; Kiva Beach; Fanny Bridge; Common's Beach; Sand Harbor; Speedboat (Buck's) Beach; Reno; or your own custom route.

Shoot Routes

Heavenly Village
Camp Richardson
Kiva Beach

Fanny Bridge
Common's Beach
Speedboat (Buck's) Beach

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Header image by Lauren in Lake Tahoe