Your Vacation Photographer in Johannesburg: Meet Alon

Meet Alon

Your Vacation Photographer in Johannesburg: Meet Alon

Alon is available for shoots in & around Johannesburg, as well as 2 hour minimum bookings in the surrounding areas (Hartebeespoort Dam, the Cradle of Human Kind, game farms outside Johannesburg, etc)

I love capturing the real moments for real people, moments that when you see them make you stop and breath. Moments that will hopefully send a shiver down your spine. Moments that are beauty in themselves. I mainly shoot coverage for marketing events, but I'm now shooting more weddings and events of emotional significance, because I want to spend my time capturing moments that will make people smile, and stand the test of time.

Three Things

  1. I love spending time with my wife in beautiful places, under blue skies and above green grass, sipping on a cold drink and having picnics. 
  2. I am a self-taught musician on both the piano and the guitar, and try my hand at anything else I come across as well.
  3. My friends tell me that I resemble a meerkat! (Ha ha!)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Johannesburg
The inner city of Johannesburg - Maboneng

Languages Spoken
English and a tiny bit of Afrikaans

Customer Love for Alon

"We loved spending the day out at Moyo Zoo Lake with our photographer Alon! He made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and we really enjoyed his company and skills. He also suggested for us to eat at the restaurant at the lake rather than going somewhere in the city and it was the absolute best decision as that was the best meal we had while on vacation." - Lindsay