Work Trip to Zurich!!!!

Photographer: Veronika |
Route: Churches along Limmat River, Zurich, Switzerland


United States

Travel Story

I am a working mom of 2 sons and I had never been to Europe. I took a job at a company that has its headquarters in Zurich and got to travel there to Onboard! It was scary and thrilling all at the same time. I knew that I would take lots of pictures but I wouldn't be in any! I found FlytoPhotographer to capture me experiencing Zurich!

Travel Tips

Old Town Zurich is truly amazing! Any time of day, looking at the ancient buildings is glorious. It is hard to describe the evolving beauty of the day looking a the churches and restaurants. Hot chocolate at Shtromli is a MUST, it is the most divine chocolate you will treat yourself to. Motel One is an affordable and comfortable hotel to stay at!

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