Inner Harbor and legislative bldg. photoshoot for Victoria B.C.

Photographer: Aly |
Route: Parliament, Empress & Inner Harbour, Victoria, Canada


United States

Travel Story

This was my first time in Canada. I wanted to see Victoria B.C., the legislative building, Inner Harbor and some other sites and get some good shots for some of my future album and single covers. The weather cleared up for me after being a bit dreary earlier that day, my first seaplane to Victoria B.C. was cancelled, so by the time I arrived I was a bit flustered. Taking these shots made my day, cheered me up and showed me this was a moment to be cherished.

Travel Tips

I didn't have much time to sightsee or go to the local eateries but I took a vow to do so on my next trip. Butchart Gardens, the horse and carriage ride through Victoria B.C., in addition to other gastronomic experiences will be at the top of my list. Believe it or not, taking pictures is exhausting and is the only time I want to work and break a sweat if need be and/or necessary. Being honest not being bougie! Wahad!

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