Family Vacation in Tybee Island, September 2023

Photographer: Shannon |
Route: North Tybee Beach and Lighthouse, Tybee Island, United States

Rachel Benningfield

Travel Story

We had a Wonderful time in Tybee Island with Nana, Granddaddy, and Uncle Dylan. This was both of our littles first time at the ocean. I will never forget both of their faces when we went out to the beach the first day that we arrived. We played in the waves and in the sand, made sandcastles, looked for seashells, watched the huge cargo ships pass by watched the dolphins jump and took lots and lots of pictures.

Travel Tips

We went to the Crab Shack several times. The food is Amazing. After we ate we fed and watched the alligators. The boys both loved watching the gators. We also looked and talked to the parrots. We went on a dolphin cruise. We enjoyed watching the dolphins together.

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