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Photographer: Kimon | Route: Proposal near Skaros Rock, Santorini, Greece

Photographer: Kimon
Route: Proposal near Skaros Rock, Santorini, Greece


United States of America
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Travel Story

Isabella and I traveled to Greece to celebrate her recent graduation from nursing school. I knew that I wanted to propose in Santorini due to its distinctive and dramatic scenery (and beautiful sunsets). With the help of Flytographer I was able to come up with the perfect gameplan (the photographer would approach me as a friendly stranger) as well as the perfect location (Skaros Rock). So here's how it went down: On the second day of our trip, I told Bella that we were going to a fancy restaurant for dinner and that we needed to dress really nice (she resisted this several times stating that she just wanted to dress "comfy" and didn't feel like doing her hair but eventually I got her to focus). Then, we got in a taxi who dropped us off near the proposal spot. The only issue was that the restaurant that I told Bella we were going to was at the top of the hill and Skaros Rock was over 400 meters down the hill. And so I had to figure out how to get Bella down the hill without tipping her off that something was up (meanwhile she has her Iphone out snapping pictures away and complaining that I'm walking too fast and that we need to slow down to take pictures because it's golden hour). She literally yelled at me and said that we never take photos! I decided to play along with this and told her that I would be willing to take a photo with her if we got to the bottom of the hill because it looked "cooler down there". So I grabbed Bella by the hand and led her to the proposal spot (she even asked my why my hands were so sweaty). Once at the spot I was able to identify Kimon (our flytographer) and once he said the key phrase (it's a nice day for a photo) I immediately dropped to one knee (might have scraped my knee) and Kimon whipped out his camera and the rest is history (she said yes!). It worked and she had no idea! At the end of the photoshoot I said to Bella "how's that for golden hour?" Thank you Flytographer for helping me create a memory that I will cherish forever.

Travel Tips

We recommend roaming the streets of Santorini to explore the various foods offered by the street vendors. From moussaka to souvlaki we fell in love with the authenticity of the food over and over again.

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