Our Italian Vacation

Photographer: Francesca |
Route: The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy


United States

Travel Story

My husband and I spent months planning a two week Italian vacation. We knew right away that we wanted to book Flytographer shoots in several of the cities we were stopping in to ensure that we had more than just selfies together! Our first stop -- and our first shoot -- was in Rome. Francesca was amazing. She shared details about the city and made us feel comfortable during our hour long shoot. We couldn't be more pleased to have photos near the Colosseum and Roman Forum -- especially since we went on one of our favorite tours at these sites!

Travel Tips

During our time in Italy, we were sure to book several cooking classes. Our first was a pasta, gnocchi and tiramisù class we booked through Local Aromas. The class took place in a home with beautiful sunset views of the Vatican! What a way to kick off a vacation!

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