Honeymoon in Italy

Photographer: Roberta |
Route: The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy



Travel Story

Having my father me born in Italy, it was always on the top of my bucket list to return. Unfortunately, my father passed away and I knew I owed it to him to visit the country he was born in. My wife and I got married and shortly after booked our 3 week trip to Italy. We were able to explore all over and although we’ve travelled to several places, Italy remains on the top of our list. Our favourite memories constantly consist of the amazing food and wine culture Italy has to offer. Additionally, we love the family focused atmosphere and we met some of the most amazing people we’ve ever met, including our photographer Roberta.

Travel Tips

Our favourite restaurant in Rome was called Ristorante Al Hoc. We had some of the freshest pasta we’ve ever had there. Rome can get extremely busy, so although visiting the colosseum and the Vatican were awesome experiences, our favourite was the Trevi fountain because of the atmosphere and the amazing gelato spot right by the fountain where you can have a cold gelato while people watching.

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