Prague Family Trip

Photographer: Honza |
Route: St. Charles Bridge & Vltava River, Prague, Czech Republic


United States

Travel Story

My father is full Czech and we have never been to the country where our ancestors came from. We decided to take a family trip to Prague -- and it was so special! We loved getting to experience the food, culture, and sights all over the country. We spent time in Prague, Kutna Hora, Plzen, and Ceske Budejovice. We loved finding a local pub and drinking beer together!

Travel Tips

We highly recommend getting outside the city center and doing some non-touristy things! We loved Lokal for traditional Czech food, Kuchyn, and Art & Food. We also enjoyed our burgers at Dish and pizza at Pizza Nuovo. Our favorite beer was Kozel! For larger groups like ours, reservations are a must! It makes dining easier, but also, many popular bars require reservations as well. We loved Anonymous Bar, but would definitely need a reservation to accommodate a large party.

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