A Solo Trip to Positano

Photographer: Pasquale and Peppe |
Route: Positano Village, Positano, Italy


Travel Story

This was technically my second solo trip to Europe, but it was my first where I had to make every decision by myself (no accommodation or food provided like at a retreat). I had already planned to be in Italy when organizing this trip from home, so I decided to extend my stay by a couple days to see the famous Amalfi Coast and Positano. Unexpectedly, most of my time in Italy was filled with rainy, cold days, and I actually ended up sick. I allowed myself the time to relax in my hostel and actively do nothing until I felt slightly better. Good thing my hostel had an amazing view of the sea in Positano. I spent many hours eating, sunbathing (when the weather cleared up the final two days), and gazing at the water from the terrace. My best memories of Positano are sitting in the moonlight, when traffic has calmed down, having my dinner on the balcony, and sharing intimate conversation with my fellow travellers. When they left before me, I did the same thing, only alone. It gave me a lot of time to reflect and be grateful that I made it there in the first place. My photoshoot happened on a nice, sunny day. I gave this present to myself to capture the growth I knew I would experience on my first long-term solo adventure. Thank you to Peppe for such amazing photos!

Travel Tips

Brikette Hostel is the only hostel in Positano and a great place to stay if you're looking for budget options. However, if you're sensitive to traffic noise, be wary that they're located right next to the major roadway that all cars and motorcycles have to pass through. That said, the view was amazing. If you're staying longer in Positano, I highly recommend just relaxing and letting the time go by while enjoying the sea view. The landscape is a unique meeting point of mountain and sea you don't see often. For food, Alimentari Di Giovanni De Lucia (the corner minimarket) makes great sandwiches for a low price point if you want to go more local. Laundry can be done at Lavenderia L'Arcobaleno -- just make sure you go at least one hour before they close because that's how long it takes for washing and drying!

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