Park City Perfect!

Photographer: Gabriella |
Route: Main Street, Park City, United States


United States

Travel Story

What a wonderful place to visit! We are both from the Midwest so coming to Park City, Utah was an experience for us! We were blessed to receive a gift from two wonderful friends for our honeymoon and we want to go back for sure in the future! One of our favorite memories was hiking to Bloods Lake in the mountains of ~9700 ft elevation. It was fun as you can imagine for us who are not used to the elevation but soooo worth it! I love the terrain and how it changed as we were hiking, weather was perfect, trails were beautiful especially in the Fall. It was so peaceful and quiet, the water on the lake was serene, and the sounds of the Aspen trees were music to our ears. Park City, which is an old mining town, was very cute. The delicious campfire whiskey from High West Distillery and a good 'ol delicious Buffalo Burger and Old Fashioned from No Name Saloon is a must if it is your first time in Park City!

Travel Tips

Fletcher's is a must try for a delicious dinner and tasty drinks, plus the chef is from our hometown of Chicago! Five5eeds was a delicious place for breakfast/brunch or lunch with the best hot cakes around and the best savory Waffles and Chook (slang for chicken) I have ever had. Hiking and skiing are the top must-do activities here however we did not have snow while we were here until the last day! It was a winter wonderland, but we are used to it since we are from the Midwest, still very pretty and we still enjoyed our dinner out with all the locals. Make sure to have an AWD vehicle when you come! If you stay for a week or more, we also recommend taking a mini road trip over to Moab, Utah to see Arches National Park...very impressive and well worth the drive! Overall, Park City is simply beautiful! We can't wait to see more when we return!

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