Kona 2020!

Photographer: Aly |
Route: Old Kona Airport, Kona, United States


United States

Travel Story

This was our first time ever flying over waters for travelling, and let me tell you, it was SO worth the long flight! Kona was magical in every way, the weather, the views, the food, the water. We were lucky enough to have some family friends who own a condo and were kind enough to let us stay in it. You really couldn't have hoped for a more beautiful place to vacation and we can't wait to go back!

Travel Tips

Kona seems like a very touristy place when you go during the right time of the year, but there are a lot of retired folks there, as well, so it can be really quiet some times, which is great. I would suggest going during the summer, June-Aug, the weather can be a little more humid during this time, but there are barely any people! If you go during the winter months, Dec-March, there are a lot more tourists. I would suggest ANY restaurant on the water, we went to almost all of them and the food and drinks did not disappoint. I would say my favorite meal was from Splashers, which is right near the loading docks and a Marriott Hotel. The food was mind blowing, fresh fish, shrimp, crab cakes, steak. The drinks were phenomenal, as well! You absolutely have to do something on the water. Our favorite excursion was going paddle boarding on the ocean and snorkeling with dolphins! They will swim right up next to you! It's the most surreal thing I know I've ever experience. We booked that through AirBnb with Aaron. You will not leave that adventure feeling anything other than on top of the world.

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