Family trip to Grand Tetons

Photographer: Madison |
Route: Outer Park Road, Jackson Hole, United States


United States

Travel Story

Ten years married and two kids later, we celebrated our family in a big way! A week long trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks was the perfect adventure for us. We saw all of the famous sights and made memories of our own. This photo shoot came together perfectly, just like the rest of our vacation!

Travel Tips

After a few busy days in Yellowstone, we decided to do the Grand Tetons at our own pace. The kids loved to see animals, but one guided-tour was enough for them. We downloaded an app for a self-guided tour of GT. Second best decision I made on this trip👏. We tried to drive around the park after a morning excursion, when we knew the kids might doze off for a quick nap. 😴 This gave us some quiet time to listen to the tour and really appreciate the park in peace. 😌 My best decision? Booking with Madison through Flytographer. She captured the best faces from the kids, all the while they were shivering at 6:00am in 50degrees. Can you tell? I can’t! We loved all the silly games she played with us while we were posing, to get us to react and capture our best smiles. It was SO fun and made us forget about everything else. We were in the moment, and she got that perfectly. Things the kids loved: 📷a photo scavenger hunt for their Polaroid camera, visiting every playground, Sunday Funday festivities at Jackson Hole resort, horseback riding at Heart Six Ranch, and riding the mountain coaster at Snow King Mountain. Things the parents loved: all of the things! The views, hiking to Inspiration Point, finding the animals & sleeping, quiet children. 🥰

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