First time in Turkey

Photographer: Murat S |
Route: Custom Route, Istanbul, Turkey


United States

Travel Story

John and I had never been to Turkey, but there were multiple places in the country that were left unchecked on our bucket list. We decided to take the plunge and travel all over the country to immerse ourselves in the culture. A lot of our family members and friends were nervous given the travel warnings in Turkey right now, but we researched, prepared and were excited about what we knew would be an amazing trip. We started our trip in Cappadochia for three days, spent two days in Istanbul, sailed the coast from Antalya to Oludeniz and visited Pamukkale. Turkey has some of the friendliest people we've ever met, the most diverse terrain and some of the tastiest food you'll ever eat.

Travel Tips

In Cappadochia, you must wake up for sunrise either to ride in a hot air balloon or just witness them. Unfortunately, we weren't able to ride given the weather on the only day we could get a reservation, but witnessing them from the ground was just as special. In Istanbul, we stayed at the Seven Hills Hotel which we would highly recommend not only for their great service but also the views and breakfast at the rooftop restaurant. It was by far our favorite breakfast in Turkey and had 360 views of the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and the Bosphorus. Sailing the Turkish Coast is also a must-do. We sailed with Alaturka on the 3 day Olympos Beach to Oludeniz after a short top in Cirali, and it was amazing. The waters are the bluest we've ever seen and it's so untouched and beautiful. Our last stop was Pamukkale and Hierapolis which was also special to witness. We stayed at Mustafa Hotel which had great service and a nice restaurant on the second floor as well.

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