European Adventure

Photographer: Silvia | Route: The Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photographer: Silvia
Route: The Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Travel Story

Ben and I have been on a few trips since we started dated in January of 2016, but this was our first adventure to Europe as a couple. We both wanted to see as much as possible, so we decided to spend our 17 days jumping around from city to city. We started in London where the air was chilly and the leaves were just starting to change. We visited Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace, drank craft beer and snacked on authentic street food. Next up was Amsterdam, our favorite city, where we walked miles and miles and saw *everything* from the flower market to the Van Gogh Museum. We stayed at The Hoxton hotel, which was such a gem, and spent both evenings grabbing at nightcap at their swanky lobby bar. Then, after a quick flight to Switzerland, we landed in Zurich where we were in awe at the river view from our Airbnb. We spend our days exploring the city, climbing up to one of the tallest points to catch a view from above, visited the umbrella display in West Zurich and feasted on Lebanese food by the water. After two days, we took the train to Luzern which may just be the prettiest city I've ever seen---even in the rain! We spent all afternoon walking through the streets, popping in and out of shops and just enjoying the mountain view. Our plan was to head to the Hammetschwand Lift the following day, but due to the storm we had to keep that on the bucket list for next time! Next up, we had Italy, the land of carbs galore! After an 8 hour train ride and weaving in and out of the Swiss mountains and into the bustling cities of Milan, Florence and Bologna, we arrived in Rome. Once we got settled and grabbed our first of many pizzas, we hit Rome hard! We walked over 20 miles in two days, saw everything from the Colosseum to Vatican City and divulged in two amazing dinners in the Trastevere neighborhood. Shout out to Aristrocampo for *thee* most amazing meal and an outdoor seating area ideal for people watching. And then after being stuffed to the brim, we took a train down to Naples and grabbed a car through Rainbow Limos. The plan was for them to take to Pompeii and then--what I was looking forward to most--Positano! Pompeii was incredible, we spend 2 hours exploring the site, walking in and out of old homes, town square, the remains of their church and even their amphitheater. Once we were done, we finished our journey to Positano. Oh Positano, how we love thee! The city was absolutely incredible, we have hundreds of photos of just the iconic mountain side alone. Our room at Hotel Savoia overlooked the hills and the Mediterranean and was only minutes from the main beach. We ended our European adventure the best way possible--sprawled out on our beach chairs! We also rented a small boat to sail the cost, ate two amazing meals--one at Max's and one at Ritrovo, and camped out on our balcony to sip wine and watch the sunset. Overall, this adventure was amazing, we saw and learned so much and the only question we're asking ourselves now is--where to next?!

Travel Tips

I would highly recommend staying at The Hoxton Hotel, it was gorgeous and in a great location. Our favorite meal was actually on the same block as the hotel at IK Indonesian Kitchen--if you like Indonesian or are an adventurous eater, I would definitely recommend. I would also suggest taking a few hours to walk around the Jordaan neighborhood (that's where our photos were done), the unique store fronts and apartment entry ways are beautiful and ideal for anyone who likes taking photos. We also ventured to a ton of museums during our time there! We did learn the hard way that you need to get Van Gogh museum tickets online, so make sure you do that ahead of time if you're looking to visit! Other than that, my suggestions would be to just walk, walk and walk some more. It's an incredible city with so many hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered.

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