Flytographer Wallpapers


Keep the magic of travel in your pocket or on your desk with our beautiful wallpapers for your mobile phone and desktop computer, featuring gorgeous destination photos from our talented photographers around the world. We are thrilled to offer you a new wallpaper every month to keep you dreaming!

How-to Guide

Need some help adding a wallpaper to your device? Take a screenshot of our how-to guide to save directions on your phone or download as a PDF here.

Mobile Wallpapers

To first save to your mobile photo album, hold your finger down on the wallpaper photo. A menu will pop up; select “Add to Photos” on your iPhone or “Save Image” on your Android.

Desktop Wallpapers

To start, click the blue button below the wallpaper photo. The photo will open in a new window; right-click to save it to your desktop.

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