How to Propose in Tuscany

Featured Tuscany Proposal Tips
  • Choose a special location to pop the question in Tuscany
  • Practice getting down on one knee beforehand
  • Think about what you will say
  • Make reservations so you have a reason to dress up
  • Hire a proposal photographer to plan and capture the moment

Since 2013, Flytographer has captured thousands of surprise proposal photos all around the globe. Explore romantic proposal ideas and tips from real couples, including their top proposal ideas and tips, and the best ways and the best places to propose in Tuscany. Explore our customers’ heartwarming Tuscany proposal stories below.

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Andres & Fanny's Proposal Story in Tuscany

How did you meet?


What is your love story?

Seven years ago my brother went to college out of state, and started dating. A girl who had grown up no more than 10 minutes from our house that he had never met. One day she happened to be contacted by a friend from Home who is in town and wanted to get together. Upon hanging out, my brother found out that our parents were both from the same two towns in Venezuela, and to make things even crazier, we had lived in the same city for the last 20 years, and have never cross paths up until that point. Once they connected us, things were hopeless to work out any other way. The rest is history.

What made you choose this proposal destination?

I had always been in love with Tuscany and it’s Rollinghills and vineyards. I loved how natural and rustic it felt, and knew that it would be an absolute dream to have that special moment and such an amazing place.

What is your proposal story?

I lied to my fiancé about having a dinner reservation that we absolutely could not miss and pretended to get lost in the Rollinghills of Tuscany. In actuality, I was meeting with my flytographer at our pre-designated meeting spot. I asked my fiancé to turn around so I could take a picture of her (the secret signal my photographer and I had agreed on) and when she turned around, popped the question.

Best tip for proposing in Tuscany

Make sure you research all of the locations. There are so many perfect ones.

Proposed in Tuscany in June

Photo Shoot Location: Custom Route

Emma in Tuscany for Flytographer

Jeffrey's Proposal Story in Tuscany

What is your love story?

Misty and I met New Years Eve in 2017 and shared our first kiss at midnight. We've not looked back ever since.

What made you choose this proposal destination?

Tuscany has been a bucket list destination of Misty's for a long time. I made it sure it became even more memorable!

What is your proposal story?

I spent the better part of the last week in the leadup to the proposal trying to throw her off course by getting dressed up for Insta shots one day and then dressing down the next day just to keep her guessing. Then proposal day came around, I got her to take a back shot to some cypress trees. By the time I was done with the Insta shots, I told her to turn around and there I was on one knee. She said yes!

Proposed in Tuscany in September

Photo Shoot Location: Cortona

Emma in Tuscany for Flytographer

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