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  • Choose a special location to pop the question in Orlando
  • Practice getting down on one knee beforehand
  • Think about what you will say
  • Make reservations so you have a reason to dress up
  • Hire a proposal photographer to plan and capture the moment

Since 2013, Flytographer has captured thousands of surprise proposal photos all around the globe. Explore romantic proposal ideas and tips from real couples, including their top proposal ideas and tips, and the best ways and the best places to propose in Orlando. Explore our customers’ heartwarming Orlando proposal stories below.

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Tommy & Kali's Proposal Story in Orlando

How did you meet?


What is your love story?

I knew she was special the first time we met. We first worked together 6 years ago and once I moved on to another opportunity we no longer kept in touch due to a toxic relationship that I was previously in. I thought about her often the 3 years we didn’t speak and I knew there was something special about the connection we had. Once previous bad relationship ended Kali was the first person I reached out to. We’ve been together ever since and I’m so incredibly happy to have her in my life. I loved Kali since the first day I met her.

What made you choose this proposal destination?

We originally had planned to go to Halloween horror nights, Universal, and Disney. I wanted to make a special weekend even better!

What is your proposal story?

I told Kali to be ready to go to a date night at 2:45pm at the CityWalk. I had a driver pick us up at 2:45 to actually take us to Leu Gardens despite Kali not knowing that. We arrived at Leu Gardens and waited for the rain to calm down. We checked in and grabbed a map and I told Kali we stopped at Leu Gardens because I wanted hero show her something. We walked through the gardens until we got to the Rose Garden. I told Kali this was what I so badly wanted to show her. Her middle name is Rose and she adores roses. We took a slow walk though the rose gardens until we got to the specific spot the photographer has instructed me to go to. I told Kali I actually had a different reason for bringing her to the Rose Garden. I told her about how much I love and adore her and how I so badly want to spend the rest of my life with her. She makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. I grabbed the ring box out of my back pocket and got down on one knee and asked her if she will marry me. She said yes and the rest is history.

Best tip for proposing in Orlando

Follow the weather forecast closely. Even though I did and the storm still somehow came out of nowhere. Florida weather is very unpredictable.

Proposed in Orlando in October

Photo Shoot Location: Custom Route

Melissa in Orlando for Flytographer

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