How to Propose in Nashville

Featured Nashville Proposal Tips
  • Choose a special location to pop the question in Nashville
  • Practice getting down on one knee beforehand
  • Think about what you will say
  • Make reservations so you have a reason to dress up
  • Hire a proposal photographer to plan and capture the moment

Since 2013, Flytographer has captured thousands of surprise proposal photos all around the globe. Explore romantic proposal ideas and tips from real couples, including their top proposal ideas and tips, and the best ways and the best places to propose in Nashville. Explore our customers’ heartwarming Nashville proposal stories below.

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Patrick & Mackenzie's Proposal Story in Nashville

How did you meet?


Proposed in Nashville in July

Photo Shoot Location: John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

John in Nashville for Flytographer

Rick's Proposal Story in Nashville

What is your love story?

We met about 8 years ago through friends. We started dating a couple years later and have been together for almost 6 years. I knew she was the one because there hasn't been anyone else in my life that has made me feel the way she does. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. She is everything a guy could ever even dream of, and then some. It took me 5 1/2 years to ask her to marry me because in my eyes Anna is perfect. She is worth more and deserves more than a quick, thrown together proposal. So I took my time and did it right. She totally approved once it was over and was totally blown away when it went down.

What made you choose this proposal destination?

Because Anna LOVES Nashville. She is from Michigan and after a trip here years back to attend a wedding, she made it her goal to get back to Nashville for good. Well, she made it and I wanted to incorporate that into our proposal memories. By the look on her face as she looked at our Flytographer pics, I know I made the right decision on the location.

What is your proposal story?

I told her it that I had a booked us something fun to do on June 30th (This was the first part of June.) I just told her that it was something we had never done before. In this time I ordered the ring, made the arrangements to have a proposal photographer and a few other things. So I knew that she would need to dress up a little so I decided a couple of days before the special day to tell her that what we were doing could possibly include pictures. Well, she bought it. Then the day before (on the 29th) I told her that what we were doing was a romantic couples scavenger hunt downtown Nashville. That morning we got to the Pedestrian Bridge because that's where I told our photographer Chris it was going to start. When we got there Chris came up and introduced himself, saying he was a photographer for the scavenger hunt and that he may be taking pics periodically throughout the hunt. He did such a great job selling it, because she totally bought it. I had printed out 2 letters and placed them in envelopes with each of our names on them. I read mine first which said thank you for taking part in our romantic scavenger hunt and that I had to go first. It said first I had to find a song and ask her to dance with me, which I did. She teared up and it was the perfect dance. Then I gave her the second letter with her name on it and it told her that she had to tell me how much I mean to her. tehn when she was done it told her to tell me to do the same, but to bring a little chivalry back, to have me do it down on one knee. She said at that moment she was starting to get hopeful but wasn't really sure what to think. Well I did as the letter said and as I finished I pulled the ring from my pocket and asked her to make me the luckiest man on this planet. She said yes and the whole time Chris was getting this all with his camera from behind a beam on the bridge. It went perfectly and then we walked around downtown Nashville with Chris taking great pics for a lifetime of memories.

Proposed in Nashville in June

Photo Shoot Location: John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Chris in Nashville for Flytographer

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