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Melbourne is, hands down, Australia's city of creativity & life happens in its laneways. If you leave Melbourne without spotting even one piece of street art that doesn't blow your mind, you've had your eyes closed!
In this week's Top 5, Flytographer Michelle gives us the inside scoop on the best graffiti laneways in Melbourne. Below is her Top 5 list of laneways, four within walking distance of downtown Flinders Street Station & one if you've got time to venture outside of the city. The list is by no means exhaustive, so if you're up for an adventure, there are many more inner city suburbs to explore easily by tram.

 Canadian honeymooners Sarah & Bryan stroll down Hosier Lane

Canadian honeymooners Sarah & Bryan stroll down Hosier Lane

1. Hosier Lane – Probably the best laneway for huge talent & ever evolving street art. It’s off Flinders Street, just across the road from Fed Square, so it’s super easy to find. You’ll often see people creating new works in this lane, particularly around the back section. As you’re walking, don’t forget to look up! {p.s. Renowned Spanish tapas bar & restaurant MoVida (and its sister, Movida Next Door) is on the corner of the laneway, so treat yourself to some mouth-watering food while you’re there.}

2. Degraves Lane – You couldn’t possibly fit more cafés or street art into this laneway! Pick up a coffee from any of the cafés (Melbourne is renowned for coffee, so you can’t really go wrong in this lane) & take a wander. There is often a jazz or gypsy band that sets up in a little hole in the wall at the end of the lane for some extra street sounds to serenade your walk.

3. ACDC Lane – Named after one of Australia’s biggest rock’n’roll bands of the 70’s & 80’s, this is another great inner city laneway worth checking out. Continue around to Duckboard Place, which joins the lane for more street art eye candy.

4. Union Lane – Yet another inspiring, ever changing laneway to check out original street art. Once you’ve checked out this lane, cross little Collins St to Carson St & drop in for a drink & a gawk at The Butterfly Club. Filled from floor to ceiling with eclectic collections of kitsch ornaments, there is nowhere else quite like this quirky venue. If you’re into theatre, it’s also the place to check out cutting edge shows by up & coming Melbourne performers.

5. Fitzroy – Take the 112 Tram from the city to Fitzroy. You’ll go down Brunswick St & you can basically get off anywhere. Walk the side streets, explore & you’ll come across incredible street art all over the place. Rose Street in particular has some really interesting stuff, but really, most streets have some gems. While you’re here, you can’t go past Vegie Bar for awesome vegetarian food & a really great vibe.

Ready to find yourself surrounded by incredible street art?