Your Vacation Photographer in Switzerland & Italy: Meet Marian

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Marian is available for shoots in Lugano, Ascona & Locarno in Switzerland as well as Lake Como. She is able to shoot in Milan for minimum 60-minute shoots plus 50E travel fee.

Meet Marian

I am a very positive & grateful person and an avid and curious traveler. I love photography not only as a job, but it is one of the reasons I wake up smiling every morning. I also adore living on the Swiss-Italian border. Nothing like being able to experience the best of these two worlds in a single place! My style is especially known for my combination of romantic portraiture with story-telling. I always look for the moments in between and I believe that everybody can look amazing in photos! I am also a strong believer that in order to have an amazing shoot you first have to make sure to connect with your clients in a personal way, have fun & talk, as this shows in your photos.

Three Things

  1. I love dancing and working out. I also love cooking and ADORE traveling.
  2. I can't live without my camera, of course! :-)
  3. I was born in Venezuela and have lived in Canada & USA. I became Swiss and have been living in the beautiful city of Lugano since 8 years ago. I am in love with Italy and all things Italian.

Favourite Place to Shoot
I love to shoot in a little town called Morcote, which is 15 minutes away from Lugano. I also love the Lakeside walk between Lugano and Paradiso (those trees and the view of Monte San Salvatore are amazing)!

Languages Spoken
English, Italian, and Spanish

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Customer Love for Marian...

"An absolutely amazing experience. Marian is a beautiful photographer, with a captivating story. She made us feel like longtime friends and was able to put us at ease - even in the rain! We will definitely be using Flytographer again -- the BEST souvenir!" - Meagan (see blog post here)

"We loved Marian so much! She has an amazing artistic side and is so fun to be around. A photo shoot with an 8-month-old is not easy, but our baby boy loved her! Marian took pictures of the four of us as a family but also of my hubby and me as friends and lovers!" - Nadine

"We could not have been happier with Marian's work. She is an extraordinarily talented photographer. Her passion shines! Our photos are gorgeous and just what we were looking for. Granted the setting is spectacular, but Marian made the absolute most of it. Knowing just the right background, color balance and framing, while making the three of us all comfortable and relaxed. Thank you, Marian and Flytographer for documenting our special vacation so beautifully!" - Laurie

"Marian was prompt, professional and made us feel very comfortable. Additionally, she captured the romantic side of Lake Como as my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. I am so excited with the beautiful photos that we'll cherish for a lifetime. Thanks again Marian!" - Silena

"Marian was very nice and we love the photos! Shooting with her was a great time." - Lucille

"Marian was so lovely and so wonderful with the whole family and with the children too! She made the experience so fun." - AF

"A great experience from start to finish! Marian was an amazing photographer." - AR

"Marian embraced our family and brought out the best in all of us. She captured our beautiful, chaotic, messy, funny, crazy world perfectly. She encouraged us to interact in the most natural ways and truly captured our kids' spirits and our love- as we celebrated our wedding anniversary that week. It may sound cheesy, but she really captured us perfectly. I will cherish these images and couldn't ever pick one, not even five, favourites!"- Sarah

"Loved our experience, Marian was easy to work with and had a great attitude!"- Julie 

"We were completely new to photoshoots but Marian was great at making us feel comfortable and at ease. She also knew Varenna inside-out and took us to many stunningly beautiful locations. We absolutely love all the photos!" - Matthew

"Marian was awesome! She was great at helping us all feel at ease during the shoot, and I'm thrilled with how the photos turned out. I was nervous, and in a previous photo shoot, our 'couples' photos looked really dorky and unnatural. I was really happy that Marian's shots look make us look natural, comfortable, and romantic without being corny." - Heather

"Marian is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with and truly captured the essence of our vacation! I would work with Marian again in a heartbeat. Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, she also had wonderful suggestions about the area that made our trip even more memorable!" - Megan