Your Vacation Photographer in Singapore: Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly

Your Vacation Photographer in Singapore: Meet Kelly

Kelly is available for bookings of 60 minutes or longer in Singapore

I eat, sleep and dream photography! My role as your portrait artist is to create a space where your individuality is expressed, without reservation, and, in that moment of spontaneity, capture it forever and ever. In a photojournalistic style, I seek to capture authentic, and memorable moments unique to you and your loved ones. 

Three Things

  1. You can often find me nursing a soy mocha, twirling brushes on a canvas, drooling over grandma's soup, pulling odd shapes with leg stretches, or curling up with Modern Family reruns - sometimes all at once. My latest passion is swimming with the whalesharks in Donsol.
  2. I spent some years as a disputes lawyer, before finally heading to Milan for a sabbatical to pursue a childhood love for photography.
  3. I used to DJ, mixing anything from electro-house to classical to trance, under the moniker of "Scrappy Fingers."

Favourite Place to Shoot in Singapore
Haji Lane, Arab Street

Languages Spoken
English, Mandarin