Your Vacation Photographer in Seattle: Meet Paige

Meet Paige

Your Vacation Photographer in Seattle: Meet Paige

Paige is available for shoots in Seattle & Tacoma.

I believe that everybody is photogenic and can look great in photos, it is just dependant on how good your photographer is. I love candid photos and find that stolen moments are the most intriguing. My portfolio includes wedding photography, family portraits, artist portraits, and product photography. My photos are featured on the website for the local Seattle company Blackwood Fiber.

Three Things

  1. I love to work on crosswords with pens, spend hours in the darkroom developing film, sweat it out in dance classes, and explore new cultures via their cuisine.
  2. I studied Chinese Studies in college and lived in China for a year volunteering with a non-profit. Because of what I learned in China, I am working on finishing my masters in Occupational Therapy.
  3. One thing I can't live without is my glasses. My eyesight is terrible and I can't function without glasses or contacts.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Seattle
The Olympic Sculpture Park or Storyville coffee shop on 1st. It has gorgeous natural light and beautiful woodwork.

Languages Spoken