Your Vacation Photographer in Cancun: Meet Conie

FLYTOGRAPHER | Vacation Photographer in Cancun - Conie

Conie is available to shoot all over Playa del Carmen for any shoot length, as well as Cancun, Tulum & Cozumel for minimum 60 minute bookings

Meet Conie

I'm originally from Argentina, but I like to think I'm from everywhere. I'm constantly rediscovering my style as a photographer and retoucher, and as a person as well! The only thing that is constant is my love for natural light and capturing those small but natural moments in our lives, such as a good kiss, a look, or crazy laugh.

Three Things

  1. I'm a wanderer, passionate about trips and new experiences, music, good food, red wine, photography and natural light.
  2. I like to relax at the beach and I'm obsessed with a few things besides photography, like TV shows, iced coffee, animals, mountains, and music.
  3. I would like to rescue every single stray dog in the world, like.. every - single - one.

Favourite Place to Shoot  
The beach or colourful, characteristic streets.

Languages Spoken
Spanish & English

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Customer Love for Conie...

"We LOVED working with Connie. She made the photo shoot quick and fun, capturing natural, candid moments with my family, without it feeling staged." - Audrey (see blog post here)

"It was such a treat to have such a talented photographer take photos of us together. Conie was delightful to work with, and made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera." - Jackie (see blog post here)

"We are so happy with our pics! Conie was awesome and now we have even greater memories from our amazing trip!" - Antonio

"Conie was professional, helpful and a pleasure to have taking our family photographs." - H&S

"Spending time with Conie for our shoot was one of the best parts of our trip!" - Elizabeth

"I really loved Conie because she was easy to work with and understood what kind of pictures we were looking for." - YY

"I can't thank Conie with Flytographer enough! My boyfriend was a little shy, but she made us both feel so at ease. She took some fantastic shots." - Bryce

"Conie was absolutely amazing! She was so sweet and kind.  We felt very at ease throughout the entire shoot.  My girls really adored her! The weather wasn't perfect and I was really afraid that none of the pictures would turn out, but honestly, I love every single picture that we received.  It was the best decision to have Conie commemorate our family vacation this year." -Connie