Your Vacation Photographer in Boston: Meet Sabine

Meet Sabine

My photography style is candid, vibrant, and airy. I love capturing your story and think the best photographs happen in the in-between moments when you forget that the camera is there.

Three Things

  1. I'm a lover of all things diners and breakfast food. On a Saturday morning, you'll most likely find me at my favorite diner in Watertown, eating pancakes and taking in all the action behind the counter.
  2. I love to go on road trips and go exploring and adventuring. The best part is discovering new areas you didn't know existed. My camera still has to come with me everywhere I go though, I can't leave it behind. :)
  3. I'm known to throw in a few German words while talking in English, when I get really excited about something. So just pretend you understood what I just said and laugh with me.

Favourite Spot to Shoot in Boston
The Back Bay area is my favorite spot because it has such great architecture and lighting.

Languages Spoken
English & German

Customer Love for Sabine

"Sabine was really great. She was easy to work with and was very good at calling out different areas and poses that would work for us. Having someone take pictures of you in the middle of the city can be intimidating, but she made it a lot of fun!" - Monya

"Sabine was terrific.  She offered suggestions on locations, listened to our needs, and was well prepared for weather contingencies." - Joe

"Sabine was AMAZING! We have no experience posing- she helped us every step of the way with creative ideas and shots! Could not have asked for a better photographer or experience." - Paige

"Sabine was so amazing! She made the entire experience so comfortable and the pictures were so beautiful." - Jordan

Sabine is available all over Boston, as well as outside the city for longer shoots.