Your Vacation Photographer in Bangkok: Meet Erin

Meet Erin

I love capturing true love, beauty and life in my images in a real and authentic way. I like to represent families, couples and individuals in the way that they are, the ways that you sometimes may not see, but always wish you could. I live every day to love people and bring joy to others. I adore travelling to new places, laughing until I cry and finding beautiful things in the mundane.

Three Things

  1. During the week, I work at a school where I get to teach teenagers photography and document the everyday life of children. 
  2. On the weekends, I love to discover new places, drink good coffee and spend time with the people I love.
  3. I have been told I have a soft spot for making people feel at home wherever they are. As a native "Georgia Peach" from the southern region of the US, I carry a sense of southern hospitality where ever I go!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Bangkok
I love to shoot in the heart of the city: the Bangkok shopping district!

Languages Spoken
English, and I'm learning Thai

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