Honeymoon in Prague | Vacation Photographer in Prague

"To interact with a local photographer and take photos in various tourist spots was the best thing we did on our trip. I so glad that I planned this and it was such a pleasure to have met Eliska! She is a very professional photographer with great skill, yet super friendly and nice. It's not only about the photos but the chance to make a nice new friend that's what we treasure most! 

Flytographer: Eliška Fischerová

"This was our 'belated' honeymoon. We got married last October but we were too busy to plan our honeymoon.  Prague was our last stop of the trip. We liked Prague so much and were amazed by the stunning churches and concerts butI found it not a good place for honeymoon!! Way too many pretty girls there!!!!
I booked Flytographer's services because my husband complained about my photo taking skills and we are always too shy to ask other people to take picture for us on street...  and I didn't want my honeymoon photos to consist only of iPhone selfies.

I really love the idea of Flytographer; it brought us valuable honeymoon memories." 

- Joanne 

How to Propose in Paris | Proposal Photographer

"My girlfriend thought that Goncalo was going to be taking pictures of my cousin and her boyfriend (as a surprise for her boyfriend). After a while, however, they asked Goncalo to take some photos of us as well while they took a break.

Right after we stepped on a bench, I got on my knee to pop the question!!!"  

- Alejandro

Flytographer: Gonçalo Silva

How we met: "We met at work 5 years ago. She was in marketing and I was in sales administration. As she lived close to my house, she used to ask me for a ride on the way back home every other day. During our rides home we started to talk and to like each other and started dating and we have been together since Feb 2010."

How he asked: "We had spoken about marriage, but every time she would bring the topic to the table I would change the subject just to make her think that it was not in my thoughts for the near future… but of course it was all part of my plan.

After doing a extensive research on several websites, I decided how I wanted to propose. I choose Paris as the perfect city to do it and it was our second city on an upcoming trip to Europe we had planned. For us Paris always meant romance and it was a big dream to finally visit there.

The place I picked was Pont des Arts Bridge and I decided to have a photographer capturing the big moment as a surprise. I choose Goncalo, one the Flytographer photographers in Paris and planned to meet at the Pont des Arts bridge on that Saturday morning at 8:30 am.

Of course, my girlfriend was not aware of my plan and I had two great helpers to execute my plan: my cousin and her boyfriend – who brought a banner that I had made for the occasion.

My girlfriend thought that Goncalo was going to be taking pictures of my cousin and her boyfriend (as a surprise for her boyfriend). After a while, however, they asked Goncalo to take some photos of us as well while they took a break.

Right after we stepped on a bench, I got on my knee to pop the question!!!

It was a great, great moment as Goncalo captured photos and my cousin’s boyfriend showed the banner at the same time.

After she said yes, we put our pad locks in the bridge and spent an hour with the photographer in Paris."  - Alejandro

Romantic Honeymoon Photos in Rome | Vacation Photographer

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with Flytographer. Roberta, you were amazing to work with and our honeymoon photos are amazing! We hope to work with Flytographer again soon!"

 - Kevin + Kristen

Flytographer: Roberta Perrone


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Mom & Daughter NYC Birthday Trip | NYC Vacation Photographer

Flytographer: Lauren Colchamiro

"Having professional photos taken on this special mom-daughter birthday trip allowed me to relax and enjoy our time together knowing these memories had been captured by Flytographer." - Suzanne

"As my daughter heads into her pre-teen years I wanted to create a special experience for just the two of us. New York is where her dad and I met and fell in love so it has always held a special place in my heart.  

I was excited to share the city with her and surprised her with an early birthday gift the week before we left. The night we arrived at our Times Square hotel she was amazed by the spectacle outside the window and exclaimed, 'it is so colorful - like our very own city night light!'

"This energy and feeling of the city was what I told Flytographer I was hoping to capture in our photos. As a photographer, I knew I would be documenting our trip, but I wanted to keep the focus on her, not my photography. Knowing I had some great shots of the two of us allowed me to relax and truly be present during our time together. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service!"  - Suzanne

PS - Suzanne is a pro photographer in San Francisco and we met up last month at The Mill coffee shop. Check out her fun blog posts on the best coffee spots in SF:

SF Cafe Post #1:

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Sweet Surprise Proposal in San Francisco /// Romantic Proposal Ideas

Flytographer: Courtney Stockton in San Francisco

"Erick and I met in 2010, while attending USC. My roommate and Erick were both in the aerospace engineering program together. I was a cheerleader and needed a date for an event my team was having. My roommate at the time, told me she had the *perfect guy* for me to go with... it was Erick. We went on a first date to at least get to know each other before the event. 

"On this date, a high student asked if she could take a picture of us because she was doing a project on "'interracial couples.' We had literally just met that day and thought it was funny to be taking a picture as a couple already." - Ericka

When Erick contacted Flytographer, he had the clever idea of having our photographer, Courtney approach them, and ask THE SAME QUESTION that was asked on their first date.

"Courtney told us she was 'doing a project on interracial couples' and asked if she could 'take some pictures of us'. Erica of course, had to share with her the significance of what she had asked! It was really fun to watch her get excited and relate it back to our first date... 

... without ANY IDEA she would be PROPOSED TO in the next couple of minutes!!

"Courtney was FANTASTIC! She and Erick had the proposal photos planned out perfectly. Not only was she great at being discrete, she captured every moment of the proposal... even the snot and tears! I loved working with her and she made the day even more special.

Although we officially met through a mutual friend, Erick leaves out when he first saw me ;) It was at a USC football game and he and my roommate were sitting together in the stands. I was cheering on the field and he insisted on having my roommate introduce us.
He won't admit he was in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.. haha"
- Ericka

View their whole gallery here. Did this sweet story give you the "feels"?
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"I honestly love everything about Erick. He is the most genuine and kind hearted person I've ever met. I can be a lot to handle sometimes haha (ok, all time) but he's always so patient and loves me through it all. We are complete opposite in personality, but balance each other out perfectly. I wouldn't have it any other way. I thank God everyday for allowing me to be marrying such an amazing man." - Ericka

"What I love most about Erica is her selflessness. Whether you are her family, friend, or fiancee, she always places everyone else's needs above hers. I can't think of a better quality to have in human being or a spouse. It makes it so much easier to love her, as if her kind heartedness isn't already easy to love." - Erick

How to Celebrate a First Wedding Anniversary? Perhaps a Palace in Portugal!

How about a little nineteenth century romanticism to celebrate your first wedding anniversary? Purvi and Gijoy toured a magical spot,  The National Palace of Pena and their photos by Flytographer Orsi Lazar are straight out of a fairy tale...

First Anniversary Trip Ideas. Lisbon, Portugal Vacation Photographer

Cool facts: The Pena National Palace stands on the top of a hill above the town of Sintra, and can be seen from Lisbon and much of its metropolitan area. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. 


"Orsi was wonderful and we had a great time! Awesome concept and we look forward to recommending Flytographer to others! We love our photos!"

  - Purvi

We wish these two a happily-ever-after, and many fun, future travel adventures together!
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Slow Dancing and Water Fights /// Fun Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Hawaii.

"We received a Flytographer gift certificate for a one hour photo shoot during our honeymoon in Hawaii as a wedding gift from a friend. We were so excited! Setting up the shoot details was quick and painless. Jen, our Shoot Concierge, was a gem to work with to coordinate shoot logistics. And she set us up with the lovely Chelsea, who was an amazing, easygoing photographer.

"We can be awkward at times, but she made the entire shoot feel normal and natural -- when she posed us, she found ways to do it that didn't feel "fake," and she really captured who we are as a couple, after just meeting us for a few minutes.

"She took the time in the middle of the shoot to do a quick run through of the photos she'd taken so far, to ask if we were happy with them, or if we should change directions (which was unnecessary, because everything was going great!).


Flytographer: Chelsea Abril in Kona.

"One of the most memorable parts about the shoot is when our photographer, Chelsea, asked us to slow dance, and she asked Matt to 'dip' Kerry.

Unfortunately, we were dancing on lava rock, and we stumbled and fell -- and cut up our feet on the lava rock.

"Chelsea didn't skip a beat -- she made sure we were okay, took a picture of our battle wounds to remember the event by, and made a game out of finding the showers to clean our wounds, and have a "water fight" with each other. We were really impressed with how well she handled the situation!

"She went well over the allotted hour time slot to ensure we got every shot we wanted -- and a few last-minute photo ops she spotted on the way to our cars. The time flew by, because it was was just so easy to be ourselves around her. And we received final pictures to download less than 48 hours after the shoot. We were so impressed!

"I would recommend Flytographer -- especially Chelsea -- to anyone looking to capture special vacation moments. We're so happy to have such amazing pictures to remember our honeymoon by. We can't thank you enough, Chelsea and the Flytographer team!!!  - Kerry


4 Reasons to Book a Honeymoon Photo Shoot
If you know someone going on a honeymoon, Flytographer is the perfect wedding gift!

Special Mother + Daughter Trip to Paris /// Hire a Paris Vacation Photographer

"Visiting Paris has always been on my 'bucket list'. My husband, John, and I had always wanted to go, and though we went to other European cities together, we had never made it to Paris.

In 2010 my husband died of cancer.  This June, with our daughter, I decided to jump on a plane and go. 

"I wanted to see Paris while I was still young enough to have the visit influence my life. This was a great adventure. Other than plane tickets in and out of Paris, and booking our first two nights' hotel room, we had no itinerary. I wanted to get to Paris, spend some time there, as well as travel through France, and peek into Italy. Charlotte had been studying Venice and wanted to see it. The day after school ended, off we went.

"We loved the sights, galleries, people, fragrances in the air, the age, history, and beauty of Paris. We travelled through the French country side to the French Riviera, swam in the Mediterranean, ate incredible meals, laughed hard, walked far, and took it all in. We flew to Venice, spent several days there, and were in awe of the beautiful lagoon city. We flew back to Paris, starting and ending our twenty-one day trip there.

"My daughter and I have always had a very close relationship, and on this trip we bonded even closer. We had experiences that made us stronger individually, saw inspired and inspiring sights, and made memories that will feed our souls for ever. Our Flytographer photographs make our memories feel less abstract...they are tangible and visual reminders of our incredible Summer of 2014. We love Flytographer!"     - Kate

Flytographer: Krystal Kenney

Sisters Stroll The 5th Arrondissement in Paris | Vacation Photographer in Paris

Sisters Stroll The 5th Arrondissement in Paris | Vacation Photographer in Paris

As young children in Brazil, twin sisters Bruna and Bianca loved to play together and remember their first puzzle was of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. They kept building that puzzle over and over again as it felt like a magical place.  As they grew up, the sisters developed a love of travel and exploring new places, and finally saw Notre Dame as teenagers.

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Flytographer does Fremont | Shoot Concierge Jen's Booking Tips from her own Las Vegas Girlfriends Getaway

Flytographer does Fremont | Shoot Concierge Jen's Booking Tips from her own Las Vegas Girlfriends Getaway

I have to say, my Shoot Concierge role is a glorious job, but also a little bit of a curse... helping with bookings all over the world for Flytographer is giving me a MASSIVE travel itch! I am envious of the travels of every single one of the customers I have helped plan shoots for… so when my friend Steph & I locked in our dates for a quick girls' getaway to Vegas, I have to confess that I booked my Flytographer shoot before we actually booked the plane tickets. 

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