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We are so excited to tell you about this latest contest! We've teamed up with our friends at Small Luxury Hotels of the World to help one lucky couple capture "THE PERFECT PROPOSAL".

The winner will receive a two night hotel stay at any Small Luxury Hotels of the World property*, help planning the proposal, and a Flytographer there to capture the big moment, of course!

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In the meantime, check out some of our latest beyond romantic proposal stories from around the globe... 

Love in Ljubljana | Slovenia Vacation Photographer

Adventure travellers Tawny and Chris of Captain and Clark had just over two days to spend in Ljubljana, in the middle of a whirlwind trip of Europe and Asia. Wanting to make the most of their time there, they had Flytographer Mankica capture a romantic stroll through town.  

"Getting our photos back from our Flytographer shoot felt like Christmas morning. Not only did we have a blast shooting with the talented Mankica, but the quality of our pictures was astounding. We can't wait to get them up on our wall. What a great way to remember our trip to Slovenia!" - Tawny


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Paris in the Rain | Hire a Paris Vacation Photographer

Even inclement weather can't dampen the magic of a Flytographer photo shoot. Advertising creatives Jaimi & Darryl took time out of their busy schedule to celebrate their anniversary in Paris, and when the drops started to fall, it only added to the charm of the experience.

"Paris in the rain is romantic. Except when it begins to pour just minutes before your photo session! After we ran to a nearby store to buy umbrellas, our adventure really began. The wind immediately destroyed one of the umbrellas. Despite getting drenched, Gonçalo continued shooting pictures. When the second umbrella broke, he suggested we reschedule the rest of our shoot for another day. We happily agreed. (But we must admit, the photos in the rain are among our favorites!) The next part of our session went without a hitch. We wandered along the Seine, strolled by the Eiffel Tower and shared many laughs. We feel like we made a real friend. 

"We had a blast shooting with Gonçalo in Paris! The shots he took were incredible. Every image truly captured the magic of our relationship and the City of Lights. Now we have the impossible task of choosing our favorites from dozens of stunning photos.

"No matter where in the world our travels take us, we will definitely book another Flytographer session."– Jaimi & Darryl


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Priceless Memories That Even a Gucci Bag Can't Beat | Milan Vacation Photographer

Jean, of luxury travel blog Holy Smithereens, took a reunion trip to Europe with her lovely mother and hired Flytographer for Milan, their last stop in Italy. The pair met up with Flytographer Paola, and in only 30 minutes, she documented all the fun and funny moments enjoyed by two people who share that special family bond. In Jean's words, they came away with "...priceless souvenirs which captured our mother-daughter relationship that no Gucci, Prada, or Hermès bag can ever contain." 

"I absolutely loved Paola’s style of unobtrusive photography. I was initially worried that we would be attracting attention on the streets of Milan, but this was not the case at all. In fact, there were times that we ourselves have momentarily forgotten that we were being photographed. So much that [my mother] kept pointing out shoes & bags...and kept wanting to sneak inside the shops!" 

Who can blame Jean's mother? It is shopping in Milan, after all!  

"It was great to have Paola as our photographer because for one, it didn’t feel like we had a photographer with us at all! It was like having a local friend walk the streets of Milan with you and giving you an insider’s point of view about where locals hang out and show us places not riddled with tourists.

"We headed back to the Four Seasons Milan and had coffee with Paola. It was really great getting to know her, and when we found out that she was my sister’s age, both [my mother] and I were thrilled as we were missing her (my sister) in this trip.

"Though I know that I will be travelling with [my mother] more often in the future, I don’t really know for certain when will that be. What I know for sure though, is that I have these perfect souvenirs from that lovely afternoon in Milan." - Jean


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Honeymoon in Cape Town | South Africa Vacation Photographer

No matter where you are, love is all around. Varina and Jeffery celebrated their marriage with a honeymoon holiday in Cape Town. Flytographer Ronél captured all the magic.

"Ronél, our photographer, was fantastic! And what a treat to have lovely pictures from our honeymoon - a great way to capture our trip." - Varina


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Engagement Photos in London | London Engagement Photographer

"We loved working with Flytographer. Everyone was so easy to work with and we has such an amazing time shooting our engagement photos in London. It was easily one of the best parts of our trip and now we have amazing pictures to remember it by. Alexandra was an excellent photographer. She captured such beautiful images and really knew how to make us feel comfortable in the moment. We plan to use Flytographer on our next trip!" - Megan


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Flying Solo on the Grand Tour | Venice Vacation Photographer

For the last couple of centuries, travelling around Europe has been a rite of passage for many young folks. The experiences are priceless, but as Claire was traveling solo, she had no one readily available to help document her time there. She hired Flytographer to capture her memories in her last stop, Venice. Our Flytographer Serena made sure to include the loveliest parts of this classic city to give Claire a gorgeous memento of her travels.

"Invest in your memories and use Flytographer. The process is smooth, the experience is fun, and the photos are meaningful." - Claire


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Saying Yes Amongst The Vines | Sonoma Proposal Photographer

Nothing sweeps us off our feet quite like a gorgeous proposal shoot in a stunning location. This was no exception. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of Kendall Jackson Winery in Sonoma County, California, Austin popped the big question to Emily. Flytographer Courtney caught the all light and love in one unforgettable shot after another. It's impossible to choose the best one!


Congratulations, Emily & Austin! We are raising a glass of California's finest to your future life together! xo

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A Tale of Two Cities | Paris & London Vacation Photographer

FAIR WARNING: The following vacation shoots are so ridiculously amazing, you'll need to sit down. In fact, now would be an excellent time to clock your coffee break, so grab that steaming cup of joe and tuck in for a seriously dreamy visual feast. Happy Friday!

We at Flytographer HQ are gifted daily with gorgeous shoots from around the world, and we are so truly thrilled when each one arrives. That said, Diana & Steven's engagement photos in two stunning European capitals really knocked us out. Rock star Flytographers Lucille in Paris and Julie in London could not have done a better job capturing the couple's genuine love for each other and sense of fun - all while showcasing the heart & soul of their respective cities. From dancing in the cobblestone streets of Paris to romantic glances in front of the Eiffel Tower to enjoying a shared moment of peace in the middle of buzzy London, every shot of this beautiful couple was so magical we had to share them all. (Be sure to maximize your viewing pleasure by clicking on each image to enlarge it!)





"I was born in Paris, France and did a study abroad in London during college, so I knew each city would be the perfect backdrop for a fun & romantic engagement shoot. We loved working with both photographers during our London & Paris shoots. Everything worked out without a hitch. Trying to find a photographer for one international country can be tricky but having to do it for two...well, I'm just very glad Flytographer exists! Thank you for making it so easy for us to book a professional photographer in multiple countries." - Diana

Such a great idea to shoot in two cities, Diana & Steven! We loved being a part of your engagement memories and wish you all the best for your upcoming wedding. xo

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Best Wedding Gift Ever! | San Francisco Honeymoon Photographer

As the Tony Bennett ballad goes, "I left my heart in San Francisco...", and Flytographer Courtney perfectly captures that spirit of romance with honeymooning couple Claire & Matt. Between the fun sights, great food, gorgeous light and mystical fog, it is easy to see why San Francisco is a city not easily forgotten (and often returned to)!

"Flytographer is such a great idea! We received a one hour photo shoot for our honeymoon as a wedding gift. What an awesome way to commemorate our honeymoon! Not only do we have great shots of the two of us exploring San Francisco, but we also have amazing photos of the city. I would highly recommend Flytographer for any vacation!" - Claire


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Love in the Clouds | Lisbon Honeymoon Photographer

Love in the Clouds | Lisbon Honeymoon Photographer

"We decided to use Flytographer to capture a part of our European honeymoon and we are so glad that we did! Our Flytographer, Goncalo, was lovely to work with and was so helpful in suggesting local places to go and things to do. We love the way our photos turned out and will definitely be recommending Flytographer to all our friends!" - Kelly

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Sharing Your Heart with Your Children | New Orleans Vacation Photographer

Sharing Your Heart with Your Children | New Orleans Vacation Photographer

"We had a terrific time, enjoying New Orleans and having fun with the photo shoot at the same time. Marianne knew all the great spots for taking pictures in the French Quarter. She had us laughing and we were able to relax so that our pictures were terrific, as you can see. New Orleans is the city of my heart, and my girls are my whole heart, so it was a perfect way to celebrate. Thank you for making such great memories possible." - Karen

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Capturing the Romantic Spirit in Turkey | Istanbul Vacation Photographer

Capturing the Romantic Spirit in Turkey | Istanbul Vacation Photographer

"This was our first time using Flytographer and we could not be more pleased! We love the variety of shots that our photographer, Ufuk, took and it was a treat to receive the pictures while we were still in Istanbul. Ufuk was a pleasure to work with and he even sat down with us after the shoot and gave us his recommendations on what to see and do in the city. The pictures are our favourite souvenir of our time in Istanbul." - Thao & Chad

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Honeymoon Magic in Bali | Bali Vacation Photographer

Honeymoon Magic in Bali | Bali Vacation Photographer

"Since our trip was so far from home and such a unique cultural experience, we wanted to make sure we properly documented our amazing experiences. [We didn't want to rely on] selfies and strangers who don't know how to use a camera." They were thrilled to have our amazing Flytographer couple in Bali, Bayu & Vony, not only capture their gorgeous memories, but provide them with helpful local tips and insider info." - Samantha

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La Dolce Vita Family Style | Vacation Photographer in Florence

La Dolce Vita Family Style  |  Vacation Photographer in Florence

"One of the highlights of our trip to Florence, Italy was our photo shoot with the amazing Alberto! I am always the one behind the lens on our trips, so am rarely in a decent photo with the entire family. As we walked, hand in hand, through the cobblestone streets of Florence, I was happy knowing that these moments would be captured forever. When I received our photos a couple of days later, I was thrilled! I had asked that the photos be fun, with me in them and have recognizable landmarks. I got my wish and am so happy that I've already got my holiday card photo for this year! I will be booking a session for the next trip we take. This is the BEST idea and the best souvenir of any trip!" - Elizabeth

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Sand, Surf & Storms in Honolulu | Hawai'i Vacation Photographer

Sand, Surf & Storms in Honolulu | Hawai'i Vacation Photographer

"We usually leave our vacation with no family photos and this year we are ecstatic to have such wonderful photos by Kim.  We loved that she captured the moment rather than create posed pictures.  We can't wait to come back to Oahu and have Kim shoot out next family photos.  Kim is the best!"   - Nina

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