Honeymoon Magic in Bali | Bali Vacation Photographer

After their Seattle wedding, Samantha & Jordan whisked off to Bali for a fairytale honeymoon. As Samantha writes, "Since our trip was so far from home and such a unique cultural experience, we wanted to make sure we properly documented our amazing experiences. [We didn't want to rely on] selfies and strangers who don't know how to use a camera." They were thrilled to have our amazing Flytographer couple in Bali, Bayu & Vony, not only capture their gorgeous memories, but provide them with helpful local tips and insider info.

"Vony and Bayu were incredible to work with. They made us feel completely at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. We had fun talking with them about the local culture and places of interest we should visit, too! Beyond their great photo skills, it was invaluable to have experts on the local culture there with us as we took photos. We would have never known that it is culturally unacceptable to kiss in front of a temple; however, it's completely acceptable to take photos in front of a temple. Vony and Bayu also asked permission from local rice farmers if we could pose in their fields, which helped us feel at ease as we knew we weren't trespassing. It was wonderful having experts on the culture guide us as the last thing we would have wanted to do was something offensive for the sake of our photos. 
"We love the end result and are so thankful that we had the opportunity to document our experience!" - Samantha


Samantha & Jordan, we are head over heels for your photos too! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness. xo

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La Dolce Vita Family Style | Vacation Photographer in Florence

Elizabeth, the stylish blogger behind Pretty Pink Tulips, discovered Flytographer a few months ago and shared her find with her readers, stating that she didn't yet know where or when, but she was using us on her next trip! We didn't have long to wait - she booked us for a family shoot in the beautiful city of Florence. 

"One of the highlights of our trip to Florence, Italy was our photo shoot with the amazing Alberto! I am always the one behind the lens on our trips, so am rarely in a decent photo with the entire family. As we walked, hand in hand, through the cobblestone streets of Florence, I was happy knowing that these moments would be captured forever. When I received our photos a couple of days later, I was thrilled! I had asked that the photos be fun, with me in them and have recognizable landmarks. I got my wish and am so happy that I've already got my holiday card photo for this year! I will be booking a session for the next trip we take. This is the BEST idea and the best souvenir of any trip!" - Elizabeth


Thank you for letting us capture your gorgeous family, Elizabeth---we can't wait for your next trip!  

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Sand, Surf & Storms in Honolulu | Hawai'i Vacation Photographer

Not even a hurricane could keep the Segil family from capturing gorgeous vacation photos in Hawai'i! Our Honolulu Flytographer, Kim, made sure they returned home with priceless memories despite threatening high winds. We love Nina's testimonial:

"We had the best experience with Kim.  With the pending hurricane in Oahu, she rescheduled our photo shoot and met us in a convenient location.  She is a wonderful photographer and put both my kids at ease.  She quickly figured out that my son loved Legos and used one to help him focus on the camera - brilliant!  We usually leave our vacation with no family photos and this year we are ecstatic to have such wonderful photos by Kim.  We loved that she captured the moment rather than create posed pictures.  We can't wait to come back to Oahu and have Kim shoot out next family photos.  Kim is the best!"   - Nina


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Capturing Memories in Croatia | Vacation Photographer in Zagreb

"We had spent nearly two weeks in Croatia, travelling from Dubrovnik, to Split, Plitvice Lakes and lastly, Zagreb. What an amazing country! We had a chance to see medieval cities, Roman ruins, majestic waterfalls and cool urban centres. Along the way we did get some photos of us together, by asking strangers and taking selfies. However, we really did want a few nice shots of us in this beautiful place. Wandering the streets of Zagreb, Mankica did a great job capturing the fun we were having discovering our last stop on an unforgettable trip! Flytographer provides an invaluable service for families, friends and groups that want to capture a few moments away from home."

"We're not typically 'photo shoot' people, and I was on the fence about booking this shoot just based on our schedule, but we're so glad we did. I'll definitely be booking the service for future vacations, and getting some gift cards for friends in the future!" - Charishe


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Honeymoon Memories Captured in Central Park | NYC Vacation Photographer

"This was an amazing experience. Our photographer, Kimberly, arrived on time and, after a brief get-to-know session, she knew exactly where to take us to get the best photos in the short session we booked. The photos we got as a result were gorgeous. We used Honeyfund to help fund our honeymoon, and showing these photos to our sponsors really helps them experience the honeymoon they helped fund.

Kimberly was awesome. Thank you so much for connecting us." - Jeff


Congratulations, Jeff & Rem---we wish you a lifetime of happiness! xo

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A Honeymoon, a 40th Anniversary and the birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo | Rome Vacation Photographer

"We honeymooned in Rome 40 years ago and always dreamed of going back." - Lia

"We received a Flytographer gift card from our kids, Joey and Vira... we LOVE that they thought of such a UNIQUE gift for our 40th Wedding Anniversary!!! Before we left Canada to celebrate our 40th anniversary in Rome, I was thinking about this photo shoot; we were very excited and couldn't wait! I enjoyed meeting our photographer Roberta very much, and loved the photo shoot and memories we made in Rome. We definitely would love to be captured by Flytographer in the future for another special occasion. It was certainly the highlight of our trip, we felt like newlyweds all over again, thanks to Roberta and Flytographer!  

"Rome, Venice and Florence were wonderful but the best highlight, one which we will never forget,  was this photo shoot with Roberta! We enjoyed it so much, and Roberta really put us at ease and made us feel comfortable.  We love everything Roberta captured, also loved that we were able to recreate the photo we took 40 years ago on our honeymoon at Ristorante Alfredo in Rome! It brought so many wonderful memories back and the nice part is that we were able to make many new memories with these amazing photos. Thanks for this amazing experience, we loved everything."

- Lia and Johnny Reda xo

A photo of the original restaurant's entrance.

Showing the maître d'  the photo from their honeymoon 40 years ago.

The Story Behind The Restaurant: Birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo.

The dish was invented by Alfredo di Lelio I at his restaurant, Alfredo, in 1914 as a variation of "Fettuccine al burro". When butter was added both before and after fettuccine was put in the serving bowl, the dish was known as "doppio burro" (double butter). Di Lelio's "original contribution" was to double the amount of butter in the bowl before the fettuccine would be poured in, thus a "triplo burro" (or "triple butter") effect instead of double which he started doing for his pregnant wife who was having difficulty keeping food down.[4] Alfredo added the new dish to his restaurant's menu when his wife began eating again.

Flytographer: Roberta Perrone

A long-time customer recounted that di Lelio's restaurant became famous when Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks stopped in and fell in love with the dish while on their honeymoon in 1920. To express their gratitude, they gave him a golden fork and spoon along with a photo of them eating in his restaurant. He proudly displayed the photo on the wall. Pickford and Fairbanks served his dish to their friends and associates when they returned to Hollywood. Word about the new dish quickly spread.  (source: Wikipedia)

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Best Friends, Best Souvenir | Cancun Vacation Photographer

Best Friends, Best Souvenir | Cancun Vacation Photographer

"By the end of the photo session, we felt we had made a new friend and saying goodbye to Monica was the most difficult part of the shoot. She captured one of the most unforgettable times of our lives in photos that speak volumes about the friendship that we girls are very lucky to have. Thank you Flytographer!" - Arianne

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Flo's 80th Birthday in Vegas | Las Vegas Vacation Photographer

"Vegas was a place our Mom always wanted to visit but had never been.  Even though she's not much of a gambler, we knew she would enjoy the shopping, shows, sunshine and general sights!  And we were right – we had a great time.

"Our mom is extremely generous with her time and talents.  She's always been there for us. Even to this day, at the age of 80, she jumps in to help out when she should really be the one on the receiving end.  It was fantastic to be able to take her on a trip as a way to show our appreciation for everything she has given us over the years.

"Our shoot with Flytographer was actually purchased by a friend of ours as a gift for my mom.  However both my sister and I felt it was a great idea because of the style of photography Flytographer offers.  It's more than just shots of us doing things around Vegas but actual professional photography with a photojournalistic style which we thought would make for a special keepsake. I'm happy to say it lived up to our expectations not to mention the fun time we had with our photographers Belinda and Tony.  It's also a treat for all of us to be in the pictures at the same time!

"We went to see David Copperfield while we were in Vegas. During the show, my mom was singled out in a repeating part during the show.  In appreciation, near the end of the show, David presented her with a rose.  As we were walking out of the theater, everyone was treating her like a celebrity – even to the point someone asked to take their picture with her!  Made a special evening that much more special."  - Wendi

Celebrating 10 Year Wedding Anniversary in Lisbon | Lisbon Vacation Photographer

"We came across Flytographer prior to our trip to Lisbon and thought it was a great idea to have a unique keepsake from our trip that we'd be able to enjoy and share with others. Plus, since I am the primary photographer on our trips, we generally have very few of the two of us together and none that are candid shots."  - David

"We selected Orsi as our photographer and had such a great time with her! She took us through historic parts of town that we probably wouldn't have explored on our own. The icing on the cake however were the pictures. Frankly, we were blown away! Orsi perfectly captured what we were looking for with this experience and created pictures we will cherish forever!"   - David

"This photo above was taken at an interesting place in Alfama called Garbags that recycles old pet food bags, coffee bags, and other disposable packaging and creates purses, messenger bags and other cool creations from the items that would have ended up in a landfill. Julie is obsessed with cats and found this particular bag that had a cute but portly cat that was apparently the target market for this low calorie food for cats with poor dental hygiene and poor urinary and intestinal health. Needless to say this made the bag all the more compelling and so we bought it!     - David

"We love to travel and try to take a major trip every year. This year we decided to hit some new countries in celebration of our 10 year anniversary at the end of the year. Our two week itinerary included Portugal (Lisbon, Comporta), Spain (Seville), and Morocco (Marrakech). We were able to soak in some history, sightseeing, beach time, and great food which checked all the boxes for what we wanted to see and do on this trip."  - David

Flytographer: Orsi Lazar

"Our Flytographer photo shoot was scheduled for the second week of our trip, and while there had been rain off and on throughout our trip, this particular day was marked by some very heavy storms in the early afternoon that resulted in some major flooding in downtown Lisbon and also cut off power and water in our hotel. We were hopeful that the storm was going to pass, and just as we were leaving our hotel to meet Orsi, the storm subsided so we could walk outside and not get wet. Though it was humid from all the moisture in the air, we had a perfect window of time to get our pictures in before it rained again later that evening. We like to think fate intervened so that we wouldn't get rained out for our photo shoot!" - David

Capturing Family Moments in Le Marais | Hire a Paris Vacation Photographer

Capturing Family Moments in Le Marais | Hire a Paris Vacation Photographer

"With Flytographer I didn't have to worry about capturing that one great shot where everyone was smiling and in the moment. Our photographer was awesome, she made the experience fun for the whole family. A day after the shoot I received a link to my photos and was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation knowing I already had photos that captured the spirit of our vacation."   - Cody

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The Best 10th Anniversary Gift is Memories | San Diego Vacation Photographer

The Best 10th Anniversary Gift is Memories | San Diego Vacation Photographer

"I just can't get over how special it is to be able to capture special moments forever and while doing it on vacation… it is the perfect gift! Chris made us feel very comfortable and really has that special eye. Many thanks for setting up our anniversary surprise photo shoot. I will book Flytographer again!"  - Maryanne

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Surprise Proposal in Prague on the Charles Bridge | Prague Proposal Photographer

Surprise Proposal in Prague on the Charles Bridge | Prague Proposal Photographer

"Our Flytographer, Maria, was incredible. Her familiarity with our shooting sites led to some INCREDIBLE shots. Outside of a shot of the actual engagement, we were really undecided on what sort of photos we wanted. But, we trusted Maria's expertise, and our trust was rewarded with some extraordinary work."  - Nicholas

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Honeymoon in Prague | Vacation Photographer in Prague

Honeymoon in Prague | Vacation Photographer in Prague

"To interact with a local photographer and take photos in various tourist spots was the best thing we did on our trip. I so glad that I planned this and it was such a pleasure to have met Eliska! She is a very professional photographer with great skill, yet super friendly and nice. It's not only about the photos but the chance to make a nice new friend that's what we treasure most! 

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