Your Vacation Photographer in Washington DC: Meet Elisenda

Meet Elisenda

Your Vacation Photographer in Washington DC: Meet Elisenda

Elisenda is also available for any length bookings in Alexandria and Arlington, and 60-minute minimum bookings in Alexandria, Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, and Harpers Ferry.


I'm a Brazilian lifestyle portrait photographer living in Washington DC. My photography is documentary with a bright, colorful, and spontaneous style. I strive to capture real moments and sincere emotions. The idea of freezing time in a photograph, and getting to hold a memory in our hands has always been fascinating to me.

Three Things

  1. I love the outdoors, I'm always up for hiking and days spent by the ocean, I read voraciously, and probably watch way too many BBC shows.
  2. I cannot function without coffee. That, and my husband, friends, and family. Oh... and dogs! Obviously, my life depends on many things.
  3. I have color-graphemic synesthesia. In my mind, I see colors in numbers and letters. It's weird, but also amazing.

Favourite Place to Shoot in DC
I love DC: from the cobblestone streets and Victorian façades of Georgetown to the sprawling National Mall, to the beautifully green spaces of Rock Creek Park and the trails along the Potomac River. 

Languages Spoken
English, Portuguese & Spanish

Customer Love for Elisenda

"We had a terrific time and we LOVE the pictures. Elisenda simply did a superb job. She capture our playful and passionate nature as a couple and we tired long before she did." - Linda

"Thank you so much for the AMAZING pictures of our engagement! Elisenda was such a fun photographer to work with and we were so happy she got so many special shots of us and our family! Thank you so much for making our day so memorable! We enjoyed every minute of it!" - Alex & Whitney 

"We had fabulous time with Elisenda! She made the shoot fun and showed us some great neighborhoods in Georgetown." - Brianna

"Very easy and very comfortable.  We had a great time and the pics came out GREAT!" - Catherine