Your Vacation Photographer in Virginia Beach: Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica

Your Vacation Photographer in Virginia Beach: Meet Jessica

Jessica is also available to shoot in the Outer Banks.

I am Jessica, lover of light, sun flare and giggles. Family is everything to me and I love capturing the sweet connection between each and every family. My photography style is bright, fun and organic. I love capturing each and every moment for what they are. I have been featured on Pretty Forum, Clickin Moms and The Snap Society.

Three Things

  1. I love to run half marathons and marathons - it is such a release for me. You can always find me with my feet in the sand on a beach somewhere with my husband and children. Family time is everything!
  2. One thing I can't live without is tea. Some people like coffee, but for me, it's tea!
  3. I laugh loud and proud. Laughing is the best. My siblings and I are extremely close and our inside jokes always have everyone wondering what we are talking about!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Virginia Beach
North End Beaches, Sandbridge Beach, Fort Story, Pleasure House Point

Languages Spoken