Your Vacation Photographer in Victoria: Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie is available for shoots in Victoria, and for 2 hour minimum bookings elsewhere on lower Vancouver Island.

I am an energetic, easy natured islander. My love for people and early interest in photography sealed my fate in this lifetime. My photography seeks to capture truth and simply enhance what already exists. I am flexible in the way I work. I respect the game plan/idea while trusting my instincts and the organic flow of the session. My work includes all things portrait/people related: commercial and wedding photography, family, maternity and newborn sessions.

Three Things

  1. I love to watch my son grow up. He is my daily reminder to lighten up, get dirty, tread lightly on the earth and make every day count.
  2. One thing I can't live without is my family. I am surrounded by inspiring, motivated, creative good people who love me as much as I love them. It doesn't get better!
  3. My friends tell me I have a great laugh (it's a big all in open mouth audible one).

Favourite Place to Shoot in Victoria
I love to shoot where there is texture and visual interest. That could be amongst the city scape or along the coast line in tall summer grass. 

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Stephanie

"Stephanie is fantastic. Having a newborn adds another element to taking photos, and walking around downtown without a diaper bag was a bit nerve wracking, but Stephanie made us feel totally comfortable." - Kelly

"I typically feel rather anxious about photos, but we were laughing the whole time so smiling wasn't an issue! Stephanie was wonderful. She gave us tons of ideas and direction, which was very much appreciated! We had a lot of laughs, and took many great pictures that somehow managed to represent who we are. It was a wonderful experience." - Tegan

"We had such a great shoot and Stephanie was amazing with the kids!  We love our photos and are super impressed with quality of photos and customer service!" - Erinne