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Meet Pasquale and Peppe in Tuscany

We are two professional photographers specialized in capturing marvelous photos, freezing time and space into a tangible frame so that they can become precious memories of the best moments spent together with your loved ones. Doesn’t matter if it’s a family shoot or a proposal: we love to catch spontaneous, highly emotional moments that our clients can treasure for years to come, aging like a fine wine as timeless mémoires.

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    Languages Spoken: Italian, English and Neapolitan
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: San Gimignano

Three Things

  1. Pasquale has many passions: he loves to make 🍕 (and his kids love him for this, nothing beats homemade pizza!), breeds and trains parrots, and he likes bricolage to the point that he created his very own business making handmade products (especially wood ones), using all kind of wizardry from laser machines to 3D printers.
  2. Giuseppe has a background as a tech journalist and former YouTube personality, loves to hike and has been a boy-scout educator for over 12 years. He loves to travel around the world and ask questions, as its curiosity is almost limitless. Like a kid in a candy shop, with eyes wide open and a smile on his face, he likes to to roam in nature, looking for spots where he can be in awe and silence contemplating the meaning of life (tldr; it’s 42!).
  3. We both love fine cuisine from all over the world, a cold 🍺 on a hot day (or any other day, it’s always a good time for a beer), and to find new ways of improving our workflow while mocking each other, all while talking everything in between philosophy and the question of the (other) day: do seagulls drink sea water?!

More Information

Pricing starts at $385 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

*Please note: In the busier seasons just Pasquale (and a translator) or just Peppe may be present at your photo shoot.

Pasquale and Peppe requires additional travel fees on the following routes:

Cortona: 200 EUR

San Gimignano: 100 EUR

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