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Meet Miyuki in Tokyo

I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer. My style is feminine, clean and full of light. I love to capture beauty and happiness in a relaxed atmosphere. Before working as a photographer, I had been working in a book store; I love stories. I'm so happy to now show the story by capturing the moment.

Three Things

  1. I love to travel, practice yoga and spend time in nature.
  2. I can't live without my family. And ice cream is also necessary!
  3. My friends tell me I'm positive and enjoy everything. I always come across amazing experiences and people! My memories are filled with lots of beautiful things.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Tokyo

Harajuku, Yanesen and Hongo area

Languages Spoken

English & Japanese

More Information

Miyuki has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Tokyo.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Miyuki

"My photographer Miyuki was really great. Unfortunately, I had a medical issue a swollen jaw on my left side and she was able to hide it and work around it very well. I am not photogenic to begin with and she was very understanding and made me feel comfortable. I really liked her work and I really liked her personality." - Cindy

"Miyuki was kind, professional and fun! We had a photoshoot in Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine in 32 degree heat and not once did she seem phased, uncomfortable or unhappy. We loved the experience and the photos and learnt a lot from Miyuki about the area!" - Meagan and Patrick

"This was a unique experience that Miyuki made possible. Everything went as planed and the special moment was unforgettable. The pictures where even better than expected. Everything was very natural as I requested." - Anuar

"Miyuki was amazing!  This was my first time to Tokyo and this experience was perfect. Not only did I have someone to take me to the best places in Tokyo but these moments were also captured in exactly the style I wanted." - Fiona

"I can't thank my photographer enough! These memories are going to last a lifetime and they are absolutely amazing. My trip was both an emotional experience and a growing one. My photographer really capture exactly what I was looking for." - Emily

"The photos were amazing. We loved every single one of them. Miyuki captured the backgrounds that we wanted. It was perfect." - CO

"We would like to thank Miyuki for the lovely experience. She has been friendly and thoughtful. We all enjoyed the whole shoot even it was on a rainy day." - Shanshan

"It's been such a great experience shooting with Miyuki. She is very nice and well prepared." - Shu

"Miyuki was AMAZING, easy to work with, our toddler was smiling!" - Wendy

"Miyuki is a very friendly person and easy to get along with! Her pictures are full of light and clean, which was what we wanted." - Priscilla

"Miyuki was amazing! Great personality and perfect direction. She was a joy to work with!"- Ashley

"Miyuki understood right away the look and backgrounds we were interested in and took us immediately to the best places in Tokyo to achieve it. She put us at ease right away and captured images that we were astonished to see as finished products -excellent photos that we will always cherish." -Christopher (see Blog post )

"Miyuki was amazing! She is very friendly and warm. She made the photoshoot so easy and made us feel very comfortable. Everything was perfect." - Ester

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