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Hi friend! I'm Alana - a bubbly, happy soul with a love for all things floral print. I strive to always capture genuine emotion in my images; capturing joy with my camera is what I live for. When you look at my images, I hope you feel transported back to the time and place they were taken. I want to help create memories that will last forever. My work is light, bright, and cheerful. My favourite time to photograph is during golden hour, just after sunrise, or right before sunset. It's definitely what helps to give my images that glowing light that you can't help but smile at.

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    Languages Spoken: English and some French
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: Anywhere that shows off Kalamalka Lake. The colour that comes off the water is breathtaking, not to mention the wildflowers that bloom all over the surrounding mountains in the spring.

Three Things

  1. Before I went back to school to study for my diploma in Photographic Technologies from NAIT, I was a manager and assistant buyer for a clothing boutique - and I loved it! Fashion is still a big part of my life. Now I am honoured to sit on the Program Advisory Board for Photographic Technologies at NAIT. I get to help decide what the next generation of photographers learn.
  2. I love (almost) anything that keeps me outdoors - whether it's gardening in my backyard or hiking up a mountain. Add in a lake, a boat and a wakeboard, and you'll have a very happy Alana.
  3. One thing I can't live without is my little family. My husband is my best friend and our dog, Snickers, is my favourite adventure pal.

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Pricing starts at $385 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

Alana is also available for 30-minute minimum sessions in Vernon and Shuswap Lake and 60-minute minimum sessions in Penticton and Kamloops.

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