Your Vacation Photographer in Quito: Meet Juan

Meet Juan Pablo

Your Vacation Photographer in Quito: Meet Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo is available for shoots in Quito & the valleys

I've always been a person that trusts myself. I like to have my own purposes because no one can give you what you do for yourself. I like photographs that show the awesome power of nature, architecture, and I love the faces and the human figure too. If I wasn't a photographer, I would have been a painter or architect. I like art!

Three Things

  1. When I'm not taking photos, I love to watch movies! I like good movies.
  2. One thing I can't live without is health.
  3. My friends tell me they like my sense of humour because I think laughter is the best medicine.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Quito
Parks & old churches

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish & Portuguese

Customer Love for Juan

"We couldn't have asked for a better photographer in Juan (talented and fun!), and the photos capture our love and joy just how we had hoped." - Sarah