Your Vacation Photographer in Provence: Meet Lucille

Meet Lucille

Lucille is available for shoots of any length in Marseille, but will need a travel fee and/or minimum shoot length for shoots in other areas of Provence.


I was born in Paris, but my parents are both from Buenos Aires, so I grew up between two parts of the ocean. I'm not only a photographer, I am also a visual artist. I hang bananas, I make experimental movies, and I make my own paper.

Three Things

  1. I'd say I'm really passionate about everything that catches my attention, and it's very often related to light.
  2. I can't live without taking time to do nothing. Nothing with a little glass of red wine, some olives if available, and a good book!
  3. I'm always getting into incredible situations! Just some weeks ago I was in Patagonia, and I manage to get lost alone in the Andes mountains, at dusk, and I almost get eaten by a cougar... - BUT don't worry, I know very well Paris, I won't get you lost, and from what I know, there are no cougars.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Provence

Languages Spoken
My mother tongues are French and Spanish, I speak English quite fluently, and I understand Italian and Portuguese.

Customer Love for Lucille

"Lucille was fantastic. She clearly understands the technical side of photography and has mastered the art as well. Lucy was so awesome with such a sweet vibe that I couldn't stop smiling.— Vickie

"We got the link to the photos as soon as we landed in Dubai and I can't put the joy on our faces in words. We were all upset about coming back to our work lives and then to see the pics brought such a huge smile on our faces. All the memories came running back and I wanna thank you for it. You were beyond patient with us and totally adorable. The pictures are exactly what we wanted it to be! Lucille is so so talented." — Nithu

"Lucille was awesome, she made people who typically feel awkward in front of the camera comfortable in a very public setting." — Cody

"Lucille was THE BEST. Hands down. She was so great and I love my photos."  - Jackie

"I loved the personal contact with Lucille. She was extremely flexible; overall interaction with her was very easy and it felt very natural taking the pictures. Her ability to chose settings to make our emotions come out and how she took the pictures was really fascinating." - Mike

"Lucille is a really good photographer! She is patient and understands how to make us feel more relaxed during the photo shoot. She knows how to record the wonderful moment!" - Dave

"Lucille was AMAZING!  She was so friendly and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera." - Lavinia

"Lucille is excellent to work with: she is professional, very attentive to our needs and obviously has great photographic skills." - Emilia

"Lucille did a wonderful job with our family!  She made the experience so fun that even the members of the family who don't like to be photographed relaxed and enjoyed themselves. Our pictures were fantastic. " - Debbie

"Working with Lucille was a pleasure and we would do it again anytime! She was great with directions and very comfortable to be around. We received beautiful pictures and will never forget that special trip to Paris as newlyweds. Merci, Lucille!" - Sabrina

"Lucille did a fantastic job and our photo shoot was very fun.  She made every attempt to get us to relax which shows in the pictures. We were delighted with our beautiful pictures that captured the feel of our Provence vacation and 40th Birthday Celebration." - Alison

"It was great getting to meet Lucille, who was so personable and sweet. She knew the city very well and knew exactly where to take me to get that amazing shot. She was able to produce amazing photos from this camera-shy client (she's a magician!). She took my requests for a playful, fun, and celebratory shoot with an 'everyday Paris' theme and delivered results beyond expectation."- Evangeline 

"Lucille was absolutely brilliant for our photoshoot! From the moment we spoke via video conference up until the important (proposal) moment, everything went as planned as we had plenty of communication before the day of the shoot. The weather was not perfect on the day  of the shoot but Lucille did her very best to get the best possible pictures and made a cloudy day much more sparkling!" - Gideon

"Lucille is amazing. The afternoon photography session felt like catching up with an old friend and I felt very at ease with her behind camera. The photo shoot was fun but proof is in the pictures - I think they are gorgeous. I truly love the all the pictures and I will cherish them for years to come." - Mary