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Meet Ashley in Palm Springs

I am a full-blown photography artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Photography from Art Center College of Design. My father was a cinema photographer and so naturally I fell into the artistic world of photography. My artistic approach is contemporary photojournalism; I love to capture in-the-moment photos. My joy comes from being able to capture the characteristic and personality of my models. Nothing can beat that!

Three Things

  1. I love to be outdoors, whether it's hiking, taking a yoga class, or going snowboarding. I love to explore what Mother Nature has to offer. We live in such a beautiful world not to go out and play in it!
  2. I couldn't live without sweets. I am such a sucker for anything high in sugar. Ice cream is one of my favorites, but above all, I love chocolate cake. You can't go wrong with a little indulgence now and again!
  3. I love to do yoga. During shoots I will be doing yoga poses to get the right angle or shot for a photograph. It helps make me and my subjects get comfortable with each other.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Palm Springs

There are so many beautiful locations throughout the Coachella Valley! I can't pick just one.

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish & German

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Ashley

"Ashley picked out some very good locations and made us feel very comfortable. Would happily use her again." - Jennifer

"I loved all the photos. They made me feel good and captured the weekend experience! We will have to plan a honeymoon around the Flytographer cities!" - Rebecca

"We are very pleased with the results of Ashley's hard work. Thank you for being a part of such a memorable occasion." - Carl

"Ashley is amazing! She made the process simple and accommodated my crazy request for a shoot on Thanksgiving day. I can't think of anyone else who I'd rather have captured our engagement." - monique

"Ashley was a gem to work with - she was so friendly, and clearly passionate about her job, and she succeeded in making us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We love the photos and will cherish the memories forever!" - Christina

"I worked with Ashley for a surprise birthday photo shoot for my mother and she was a wonder! She scouted the location quickly and had wonderful ideas. We loved our shoot with Ashley. In 30 minutes, she was family!" - Tiffany

"Ashley was amazing and very well skilled to click perfect pictures. We LOVED our photos." - Ekta & Sumit

"Ashley went above and beyond to make sure the shoot when smoothly. She directed us how to pose, advised what backgrounds looked the best and arranged us in the perfect group shots. Her art direction was what made the photos turn out so great! It wasn't just a third party snapping photos - it was a true professional with thought leadership." - Holly

"Ashley was so lovely to work with and really captured the personality of our family. These photos will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you!" - Katelyn

"Ashley did a fantastic job! In 30 minutes she was able to capture amazing photos that we will enjoy for a lifetime. Thank you!" - Danielle

"Ashley was really accommodating, punctual, talented, patient and friendly. She is really good at her job and I'm happy we had her." - Christy

"Ashley was fun to deal with. She made us feel comfortable from the moment we met her." - Vanessa

"We are beyond thrilled with our stunning shots! Ashley perfectly captured the magic we experienced in Palm Springs." - Michelle & Justin

"We are so grateful for Ashley and her photography skills that made us look so good! Our photos came out amazing, we couldn't be happier!" - Hannah

"I cannot tell you enough how fabulous our photographer Ashley was and how impressed I am! Highly recommended! Thank you for making our day so special and giving us memories to last forever!" - Jessica

"Best Mother's Day present ever!!!  Our photographer, Ashley had electric energy and gave great direction without the session feeling rushed at all.  She even gave us "insider information" on favourite restaurants spots and let us know about fun attractions in the area.  I can't wait to book our next Flytographer session." — Cindy

"I hate getting getting my photo taken with camera phones and by people who are not pros, but this experience was so great and easy. I loved all the photos. They made me feel good and captured the [Bachelorette] weekend experience! We will have to plan a honeymoon around the Flytographer cities!" — Rebecca

"Ashley was great- recommended a beautiful location and gave us suggestions of places to go while in Palm Springs.  We are thrilled with our family photos!" - Christie

"Ashley was amazing! She new exactly where to shoot and how to capture all the fun. Totally LOVE her!!!!" - AC

"Ashley was awesome and captured beautiful photos that I will cherish.  It's like she gave me my daughter at 17 in a time capsule! Ashley was patient, positive and so easy to work with." - Brigid

"Ashley was so good, she put everyone at ease right away (even my husband who hates getting his photo taken!). The boys (ages 8 and 10) got really into the session too and were hamming it up, acting so cute. What a great way to remember our vacation to Palm Springs. Such fun!" - Julie

"Ashley did great in being my covert camera. She blended in very nicely and made the surprise proposal moment happen without a hitch! All of her photos were absolutely gorgeous as well." - John

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