Your Vacation Photographer in Melbourne: Meet Rina

Meet Rina

Your Vacation Photographer in Melbourne | Rina

**Please note: Rina will be unavailable February to May, 2017.

I am a photographer based in Melbourne. I love people's smiles, and being able to capture them for people to share with family and friends!

Three Things

  1. When Japan was hit with a big earthquake called 311, I decided to be a freelance photographer because I wanted to make people happy with my creativity.
  2. I love walking, baking, and visiting Melbourne's large variety of cafes.
  3. My friends tell me I rush into things. When I decide to do something I'll just do it! It creates many fun situations and smiles.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Melbourne
Carlton Gardens, Hosier Lane. I love gardens!

Languages Spoken
English, Japanese

Customer Love for Rina

"Rina was easy to work with and nice and friendly." - Chii