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Meet Mankica in Ljubljana

I am mostly a documentary and street photographer, working as a professional photojournalist for the biggest Slovenian and international newspapers, magazines and online media. I'm a world traveler who is in love with travel and candid photography. I like to do creative portraits and explore the beauty of natural light. I have won several awards and prizes, such as the Slovenia Press Photo.

Three Things

  1. People say I'm an eternal optimist and I usually wear rose-colored glasses! 
  2. I am a big graffiti and street art fan & I love the magic of contemporary circus.
  3. When I was a little girl I used to collect paper napkins; today I collect (photo) memories.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Ljubljana

I love all urban city areas!

Languages Spoken

English & Slovenian

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Customer Love for Mankica

"There aren't words to adequately describe how happy I am with the photos from our shoot. They are astounding! Sharp and creative, Mankica is also a pleasure to work with. Perhaps most importantly, my three year old son would agree -- I give Mankica all the credit for him being so happy and cheerful despite the early shoot time we subjected him to in order to beat the tourist crowd!" - Kyle

"I could not be happier with my experience with Mankica! I like a lot of direction, and she had so many cute ideas that were whimsical and flattering and natural. I look genuinely happy in the photos because I was having a great time! She was so sweet and helpful, sharing lots great tips for things to do in the area. Her pride for her city is magnetic, and I wish I had more time to spend in Slovenia. I love the photos so much, they're exactly what I was hoping for. How lucky that I have beautiful pictures from Ljubljana, and a new friend as well!" - Sandra

"Mankica was incredible! She was so kind, friendly, and sweet right from the start of our shoot. My son was not in the mood to cooperate, but Mankica handled it beautifully and still managed to get some amazing shots of him and our whole family. Not sure how she even did it! She was great with both of our kids, and flexible in our schedule and our route. We LOVE the photos, and Flytographer, and Ljubljana! What an incredible place. Mankica also shared with us some wonderful insights on what to do and where to go while in her hometown - they were great! Thanks so much, Mankica!" - Angela

"Mankica was efficient and professional and really helped our family get comfortable and have fun in the process. We had never done this before, so Mankica gave us ideas and suggestions to help it look more relaxed and less posed." - Kelle

"Not as scary at it may seem, actually quite fun, thanks to Mankica who is very careful. Very pleased with the shoots, and the experience as a whole." - Alina

"We were a little worried about being awkward having a professional photo shoot, but Mankica was such a sweetheart we ended up having a great time! The photos are a fantastic and the perfect memory from our weekend together." - Carly

"We had a wonderful time shooting with Mankica in Ljubljana. She was so friendly and welcoming, and loved showing her city to us. It shows in the photos - she took us to some beautiful spots!" - Emily

"Wandering the streets of Zagreb, Mankica did a great job capturing the fun we were having discovering our last stop on an unforgettable trip!" - Charishe (see blog post here)

"Not only did we have a blast shooting with the talented Mankica, but the quality of our pictures was astounding. We can't wait to get them up on our wall. What a great way to remember our trip to Slovenia!" - Tawny (see blog post)

"Mankica was just wonderful (in capturing the proposal) – playing along as a 'random stranger' to help keep the element of surprise, walking the route beforehand to identify nice spots (I think even shedding a few tears when my fiancée said "yes"). And the product itself, in the end – simply stunning! Now I'll let the pictures themselves speak a thousand words of recommendation." - Neil

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