Your Vacation Photographer in Lisbon: Meet Maria

Your Vacation Photographer in Berlin: Meet Maria

Maria is available for any length shoot in Lisbon and minimum 60-minute bookings in Sintra.

I define myself as a people photographer, seeking to tell stories through photos by capturing key moments in people's life. I love to be surrounded by people, making them feel comfortable to open their soul which I then try to capture in frames.

Three Things

  1. I love the combination of photography and travelling, so I try to travel around as much as possible and discover new places. 
  2. I couldn't live without friends, especially when we sit around a table tasting good cheese, olives and fresh bread.
  3. Being a Portuguese photographer, I am addicted to sun and light, and I
    love to spend the day outside whenever there is sunshine.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Lisbon
Downtown, such as Chiado, Bairro Alto, Alfama, Castelo, and specially from the top of the hills from where you can see the amazing sunset. Then, along the coast until you come to the beaches in Cascais, and as well Sintra and surroundings.

Languages Spoken
English, German, Portuguese, French

Check out Maria's Style

Customer Love for Maria...

"Our Flytographer, Maria, was incredible. Her familiarity with our shooting sites led to some INCREDIBLE shots. Outside of a shot of the actual engagement, we were really undecided on what sort of photos we wanted. But, we trusted Maria's expertise, and our trust was rewarded with some extraordinary work."  - Nicholas (see more photos from this romantic proposal)

"Our photographer Maria was a spitfire. She was great for our big group, jumping up and down with us, lying on the ground to get shots, standing in the middle of the street and then running as cars came towards her, serving us all gluhwein from behind the counter of the Hotel Adlon to get the perfect shot. We loved her energy! She was silly and fun, and the pictures are beautiful."- Elizabeth