Your Vacation Photographer in Cabo San Lucas: Meet Luis

Your Vacation Photographer in Cabo San Lucas: Meet Luis

Luis is available to shoot all over Cabo as well as areas along the Pacific coastline nearby. Shoot minimums may apply outside of the city.

I am easy, outgoing, and relaxed - surfer style! I love the beach, sports and photography; it is just about having fun. I love to capture natural moments in life that will probably never happen again, from your face on your first wave to the emotions that your loved ones share with you -  just like when you are getting married and you can see the happiness and love from your family's and friends' eyes. 

Three Things

  1. I love my family and being on the ocean.
  2. I can't live without love, music and freedom. 
  3. Showing the beauty of others through my eyes is a beautiful feeling.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Cabo
El Pescadero, Baja South

Languages Spoken
English & Spanish

Customer Love for Luis

"Many, many thanks to Luis for doing such a great job on the pics and for being so patient and kind with two little kids who just wanted to play in the sand and hunt for seashells, not smile for the camera." - Katy

"We had a great experience with our photographer Luis, he made us feel comfortable and relaxed." - YG